Moms Nursing Newborns, 1946

I really wanted to share this photograph because it’s simply a beautiful scene from 1946. The only thing is these are French women, so their culture by this time probably (and in all honestly, I don’t know) was not dead-set against breastfeeding like here in America. It’s nice to see women embracing breastfeeding no matter where they live.

Caption: Mothers nursing their babies while waiting their turn to see the doctor, a nun standing nearby.

Location: Paris, France
Date: 1946
Photographer: David E. Sherman
Copyright: Time Life

7 thoughts on “Moms Nursing Newborns, 1946”

  1. i have to say i LOVE this blog.LOVE it. i have been coming back weekly for months now. these photos are awesome. thank you 🙂

  2. Thank you, Liz for coming back to read. I am so appreciative of everyone who supports the work that I do and leaves comments! Love comments.

  3. Hi! I just came across your blog via Mothering and am really enjoying the photographs. I found this one particularly interesting because I moved from San Francisco to the Loire Valley this fall and am still nursing my 20-month old. At the moment formula is very big in France and most women seem to breastfeed for 10 weeks before transitioning fully to formula. I have had many strange looks and comments while breastfeeding in public, as well as a few supportive ones, since moving here. Luckily the very pro-breastfeeding culture in San Francisco helped me to feel confident enough about it not to be too worried about it here, but I have definitely noticed the difference and it is interesting to see that in the 40’s the French were still nursing while the Americans were fully on the bottle.

  4. So, I have a question for you…. I love reading about newborn stuff but how do you have time to gather and post all this info AND be a parent?

    I guess for our sake I’m glad you do, but it seems like a lot of work!

  5. Hah! This post is awesome!

    Thanks for brightening my day, the baby has been crying all day and it was turning into “one of those days” before this…

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