5 Tips To Flattering Clothes For A Post-Baby Tummy

Here are 5 tips to choosing flattering clothes with your postpartum tummy.My tummy will never be the same again. After having three babies, one by cesarean, the vainfully flat tummy of my youth is gone forever. With some smart purchases, I can still look good in my clothes.

Here are 5 tips to choosing flattering clothes with your postpartum tummy:

1. Find the right size. 

It was hard for me to get used to my new post-baby tummy and the additional pounds I gained through the process of having several children. But I learned quickly that trying to squeeze myself into too-tight jeans just didn’t look good.

There is nothing flattering about my waist creating a muffin top over my belt. So much of looking great is being sure you have the best-fitting clothes, no matter your size or shape. When I finally relinquished that I would have to go up another size on clothes, I was surprised to find that not only did I feel better, but I looked thinner, too.

2. Smart Choice of Shirts

A well-fitting shirt is one that not only fits the size you are post-baby, but that draws attention to the most flattering parts of your body. Be careful with blouses that fit tightly around your midsection. Choose shirts that fit more loosely, and with one or more of these features:

  • V-neck
  • Wrap top, or faux wrap top

These shirt features draw attention away from your tummy and toward your face. A necklace or large earrings enhances this effect. If you opt for a wrap top, be careful about belts and ties — too wide, too detailed, and too low all draws attention back to your waist.

  • Long-waisted

Shirts with a longer hem, several inches past your pant waistband, streamlines the top of your body down. It also makes you appear to have a longer waist. Tunics paired with slim pants or leggings further draws attention to your legs.

  • Empire-waisted

Shirts with an empire waist are tighter in the bosom area and flow below this point. This style of shirt emphasizes the most narrow part of your upper body, and the high waist makes your legs appear longer.

3. Slimming Fabrics

Some colors just make you look leaner than others. Black, other dark colors, and monochromatics are more slimming than loud colors. Small prints are better than larger prints for a leaner look.

Certain fabrics are easier to wear, too. Clunky, heavy fabrics that don’t move well may appear to add pounds. More stretch and flow to blouse fabric hides the midsection better.

4. Add Some Bling

Finish the look of well-fitting clothes and flattering shirt choices with a touch of make-up, jewelry, and shoes. I like going around my house dress-downed to the basics as much as the next person, but when I leave the house, I take time to do my hair, throw on a necklace, and put on a touch of mascara. The accessories can make a big difference in drawing attention to the parts of your body where you’d rather they look than your post-baby belly.

5. Look Like A Million Dollars

When it’s all said and done, you can be wearing fabulous clothes but still only look mediocre in them. The real key to looking and feeling good is believing in yourself. Act like you look fabulous, and even a T-shirt paired with yoga pants will look better on you than the best-fitting outfit on someone still mourning her flat tummy of her youth.

Your tummy — stretch marks, cesarean scars, a little extra pooch, and all — are badges of honor in motherhood. Push your shoulders back, put your chin up, smile, and strut confidently into the world.

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  1. Really Mothering? This is what you are choosing to write about? We should be celebrating our postpartum bodies, not feeling like we need to hide them or accommodate them. Women shouldn’t feel they need to work harder to look good, they already look great and are super amazing because they grew a baby!

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