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Dear Mamas,

I am delighted to have two copies of the fabulous new book Moon Mysteries to give away.   Please comment below for your chance to win.  Increase your chances by liking our Mothering facebook page and Mama Renew facebook page (and let us know in a comment below).  Contest closes Sunday, December 11th at midnight.


Way back in my twenties as I entered birth work, I experienced a sort of mini-personal revolution learning about the power of women’s bodies – and with it, a discovery of my period as a source of connection rather than dread. And so began years of exploration – trying out cloth pads and sea sponges, charting my cycles, discovering fertility awareness…  It was a wondrous time of discovery and integration, and certainly a core part of who I was growing into as a woman.

Fast forward 20 years, and I am the mother of two growing boys.  I’m aware that I bled sometime in the past few weeks (?) but that’s about as far as my charting goes these days. While I’m still a devoted user of Lunapads and the Diva Cup (a vast improvement on the sea sponge of my early 20s), I’m certainly not feeling the sense of celebration or connection that I did in my 20′s.  While I know this in part due to my crazy full magical life, I do wonder if perhaps being beyond my fertile years also plays into it.

I have been delighted to review a copy of Moon Mysteries:  Reclaiming Women’s Menstrual Wisdom, by Nao Sims and Nikiah Seeds.  From the stunning front cover image, to the wondrous paintings contained within, the book feels more like a treasure than a text, and I have found myself savouring the words and stories within.  Inside you will find the history, traditions and mythology of menstruation captured within 13 moon cycles, each month exploring a different realm of women’s psyche as it relates to the menstrual cycle.  Also included are heartfelt personal stories from the authors own journey, and an absolutely lovely circular chart to use for your own moon cycle documentation.

I truly love their chart.  Along with the moon phases, it has room for us to document our emotions, creativity, sexuality, and energy.  For the first time in years I find myself inspired to begin charting again.  Given that I only have another 10 years or so left of my moon cycle, it would be nice to experience a reconnection as I move toward my next life stage.

I’d love to hear from all of you as well.   I’m giving away two copies of this inspiring book.  Please comment on one of these two questions below on this blog and like the Mama Renew facebook page for your chance to win – each of these counts as a separate entry.  Contest will close this Sunday, December 11th at midnight.

How has your journey into motherhood affected your relationship to your moon cycle?

Why would you love to have a copy of Moon Mysteries?


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