More Misses Than Catches

Christine Gross-Loh, a mother of four and the author of The Diaper Free Baby, will be stopping by my blog this week.

Gross-Loh is an expert on infant pottying, a.k.a. Elimination Communication (EC), and I have about a million questions to ask her.

I feel like the baby and I haven’t been doing very well with EC the past few days. I think it’s because I had the hubris to brag about her only wetting one diaper all day.

Though I catch almost all the poops, I’ve been finding it hard to know when Leone has to go pee.

Either that, or there’s no bathroom nearby.

Take today, for instance. Leone and I took her 10-year-old sister Hesperus shopping at Justice. Hesperus loves Justice. She can spend all day at the mall. I would rather have Swine Flu than go to the mall but Hesperus’s grandfather bought her a gift certificate and I thought it would be a nice way to spend some time together and celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Leone came along. She slept in the front carrier a lot of the time. Then she woke up and squirmed and fussed. I suspected she needed to go pee but we were in full trying-on-shirts mode and the nearest bathroom was down a flight of stairs, past half a dozen shops, at the end of the corridor. Feeling guilty but not knowing what else to do, I ignored the signals she was giving me. When she complained a bit longer I put her on the chair in the dressing room and checked her diaper. Wet. I changed it.

Squirm-cry #2 = same problem of no nearby potty = wet diaper #2. I changed it.

Squirm-cry #3 = wet diaper #3. I changed it.

On the way home I had no more diapers so I put a washcloth under her while she sat in the car seat.

At one point during the ride home she squirmed and cried.

“What’s wrong Baby?” Hesperus, who was sitting in the back seat with her, asked.

Sure enough, the washcloth was wet when we got home.

I feel discouraged. I don’t think it qualifies as good communication if I know when the baby need*ED* to go after she’s already gone.

The day’s tallies: 1 caught (rather stinky) poop this morning, about 9 wet diapers throughout the day, 1 explosive missed pee in the kitchen (oops) when James was holding her, 1 caught pee before bedtime.

That will teach me to brag.

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