Mothering Special Report – Swine Flu

Oct 11, 2009

Mother and Sick Child


With everybody’s minds on the swine flu this season Mothering brings you a special topic page on the subject. Look here for a regularly updated host of articles, discussions, and expert advice on H1N1-as well as other flu resources.








News – recent Mothering bulletins and news on H1N1



Calls to Action take a stand


Articles – articles past and present on managing the flu naturally


Expert Advice – knowledgeable experts ready to answer your questions on the flu and vaccines

– Vaccinations (co-founder and president of the )

Michel Odent MDLabor and Birth, Waterbirth, Non-invasive Birth Practices ( who introduced the concept of birthing pools and home-like birthing rooms, founded the Primal Center in London)

Mary Tocco Vaccine Investigator (Director of Vaccine Research and Education with Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccine)

Bob Sears – Vaccinations (board certified pediatrician in private practice with his father, Dr. Bill Sears, and two brothers)

Sherri TenpennyVaccinations, Alternative and , (Sherri J. Tenpenny, D.O. is the President and of OsteoMed II)


Discussions – read and join the following discussions and many more on the Mothering Forums

MotheringDotCommunity Forums

Vaccinations Forum

Health and Healing Forum

Threads related to the swine flu…


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