Mother’s Day Gifts that Make the World a Better Place from the IRC

Thank you to the International Rescue Committee for sharing information about this year’s Mother’s Day gift options. Review the info below for some wonderful ways to show the moms in your life how meaningful they, and all mothers, are. 


This Mother’s Day, family and friends can delight the moms in their lives with a gift that gets to the heart of motherhood – a Rescue Gift.


Rescue Gifts like a Safe Delivery for Mother and Baby ($24), a Year of School ($52), and Warm Blankets ($84) are symbolic gifts that represent – and support – the very real work of the International Rescue Committee (IRC). The IRC protects and empowers mothers and their families whose lives have been disrupted and uprooted by conflict or natural disaster around the world. Gift-givers can choose the Rescue Gift with the most meaning for their mother and dedicate it in her honor. We send gift recipients a beautiful personalized print or digital card to let them know how their Rescue Gift contributes to vital supplies and services for vulnerable people struggling to endure.


Plus, shoppers who spend $75 or more will receive a stylish “Rescue” T-shirt designed and donated by Threads 4 Thought, or they can opt to have it sent as a gift.


“The Walking Dead” star, IRC Voice and proud mom Sarah Wayne Callies is endorsing Rescue Gifts and giving Maternal Health Care ($52) this Mother’s Day. Following a recent trip to see the IRC at work in Ban Mai Nai Soi, a refugee camp along the Thai/Myanmar border, she said,


“I had my child with a midwife and I could not see any difference in the quality and the thoroughness of the care the women were getting at Ban Mai Nai Soi and the quality and thoroughness of the care I received … Even the little scale they were using to weigh the babies was exactly the same scale my midwife brought to my house, stuck my kid in, and hung up. It was amazing to see.”


While flowers wilt and chocolates melt, “Rescue Gifts” have a lasting impact and are perfect for:


The socially conscious giver or receiver: Rescue Gifts make a real difference for people in need.


The eco-conscious giver or receiver: Rescue Gifts have a minimal carbon footprint and there’s no need to worry about wrapping paper.


The financially prudent shopper:  Rescue Gifts offer real value at every price point, from Mosquito Nets ($18) to Community Health Worker Training ($335).


The last-minute shopper: E-Cards for Rescue Gifts bought on Mother’s Day can be delivered right away.


About the International Rescue Committee:A global leader in humanitarian assistance since 1933, the International Rescue Committee works in more than 40 countries offering help and hope to refugees and others uprooted by disaster, conflict and oppression. During crises, IRC teams provide health care, shelter, clean water, sanitation, learning programs for children and special aid for women. As emergencies subside, the IRC stays to revive livelihoods and help shattered communities recover and rebuild. The IRC also helps resettle refugees given sanctuary in the United States. A tireless advocate for the most vulnerable, the IRC is committed to restoring hope, dignity and opportunity. For more information visit



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