Mothers like Rainbows

Every once in a while a gem appears – this time on the counter at the thrift store. There, in resplendent purple, was a splendid 1970-something little gift book for mothers called Mothers Are Like That.


It was originally a gift from Paul, Ann, Alfie, Manon and Damon to their mother & grandmother, whoever she may be. Thank you for passing it on to Salvation Army and allowing this treasure to fall into my hands!

Over the coming months we’ll be sharing images & commentary from this splendid little Mother-honouring book. Hidden within are treasures of wisdom and insight into the life of a mother. For example, did you know that Mothers like clouds and rainbows and a sun that’s shining bright? It is charming, playful, full of blatant stereotypes, and just plain heart-warming.


How does the weather shape your day of mothering?

What magic do rainbows bring?  What about clouds or the sun shining bright?

Gratitude to the creators of:

Mothers Are Like That by Jo-Ann M. Daughterty from “The Sunbeam Library” in 1970 or so. Illustrated by Barbi Sargent (creator of the Strawberry Shortcake character) and Craig Brown.


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