Multi-tasking Mama

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First week of school and I feel a little bit like this:

“He threw himself on his horse and rode off in all directions.”

- Don Quixote

I know….just two weeks ago I wrote about how much I was looking forward to the ritual and rhythm of school.  Still true, do not consider this a reconsideration of my declaration.

However…we’re short a pair of rain pants, my older son’s boots are too small, I have a very long To Do list, I’ve got a rehearsal tonight for the school talent show, I’m longing to pick buckets of blackberries for my first foray into blackberry wine, I’m out of the house all day today, and I’m not all that clear on what to pack for their school lunch today.

Honestly -sometimes it feels just so Full.  Like I could do any one thing on that list and not really feel any difference.   We mamas like to crow about how good we are at multi-tasking.  And we are :)   We can seemingly run four directions at once – I’m just not sure that we should…

Sometimes in Mama Renew groups we ask what mamas:

What would you do with just one more hour in the day?

Their answers are almost always centred on self-care:  sleep, craft, tea with a friend.  There’s also, however, almost always one woman who makes a valid point – we’d probably just end up filling that one hour with more of the To Do List.

The Mama Renew declaration for today:

Stay the course, mamas.

Get clear on what truly needs to happen today.

Take a moment to pause and reflect on what You need for yourself amidst it all.

Keep it small and simple, but ride on, mamas – in exactly the direction you are needed.


Much gratitude to brilliant painter Chantey Dayal for the use of her painting for this blog.  You can learn more about Chantey on her website & facebook page. Watch for more of her paintings in future postings.

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