Must Try Recipe: Gluten-Free Cornbread

A gluten free cornbread that'll fill you up!For the past few years, it has seemed as if every couple of months a friend announces that they’re going gluten-free. Sometimes this would be the result of a doctor’s Celiac diagnosis, but most of the time it was just a *feeling* that gluten wasn’t suiting their system. I admit it, I usually rolled my eyes (on the inside) at the practice of self-diagnosis and felt as if gluten-free living had become a necessary lifestyle for some and a trend for many others. I mean, how do you live without bread?

In hindsight, I probably felt very threatened by the practice of gluten-free eating: baking with my kids is a huge part of our home life rhythm. We dance around with eggs and mixing bowls in the kitchen at least 3-4 times a week.

Fast forward: A few weeks ago I experienced a bout of intense fatigue and stomachaches. A friend of mine with a gluten intolerance hinted that perhaps I should avoid wheat for awhile. The thought of being at the mercy of expensive, fancy flours and xantham gum (a popular gluten-free baking ingredient), and eating funny-tasting, brittle baked goods broke my heart just a little, but I was committed to at least trying this lifestyle change.

While I’ve been yet to be diagnosed with a gluten allergy, the day I stopped consuming it the stomach pain went away. Psychosomatic? Possibly. I’ve joined the ranks of the gluten-averse-in-the-absence-of-an-actual-diagnosis but I’m OK with that. I strongly believe that our intuition is our first line of defense when it comes to taking care of our bodies. Right now, I’m taking a bread break and feel amazing. My love for corn, beans, oats (the jury on oats is still out in the gluten-free world as many brands process oats and wheat in the same environment), rice, and sweet potatoes has been re-sparked.

One of the benefits of this eating shift has been that my eldest daughter who is a pasta-fiend, has broadened her palate. Last night I made a casserole of tomatoes, corn, rice, beans, and cheese and although she was deeply suspicious and slightly offended I didn’t miss the blood sugar spikes and “cases of the munchies” that my previous wheat-heavy diet induced so I started to hunt for a great, simple, no-frills gluten-free bread recipe. And I found it!

This recipe comes from Gluten-Free Mommy and what I adore about it is that, save for the rice flour, you probably already have all of the ingredients!

I made one change: instead of 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, I added one. I wanted this to be a savory bread rather than a sweet one. I’m going to experiment with leaving out the refined sugar all together and use maple syrup or agave instead. I also add in a teaspoon of vanilla.

The Gluten Free Mommy: Gluten-Free Cornbread

The kids loved it!

This bread is great toasted with butter and honey the next day. It’s also surprisingly moist! I’d recommend this recipe to gluten-free mavens and the gluten-free curious. It’ll be a big hit.

Bunmi is a mother, writer, and social media entrepreneur living in Montréal, Canada (by way of California). She has two girls.

Cornbread Image: Ted Major

Originally published Oct 2011

3 thoughts on “Must Try Recipe: Gluten-Free Cornbread”

  1. IMO people make gluten-free cooking entirely too complicated in general.

    The idea of special gluten-free cornbread recipes breaks my brain. I was well into adulthood before realizing that most people think of cornbread as being mostly wheat flour, with a little cornmeal added for accent. The recipe I grew up with used only cornmeal, and naturally gluten-free.

    When we had just moved and I didn’t have my copy of Joy of Cooking, I searched for “gluten-free cornbread” in an attempt to find my recipe, and was boggled by all the recipes with weird mixes of flours and gums and all. Searching for “joy of cooking cornbread” instead provided me with my plain old simple non-wheat recipe (which is simple enough that I really should have it memorized!).

  2. I agree, Jess! I don’t think a gluten-free or even “low” gluten lifestyle needs to involve so much drama and expense. One thing I love about Gluten-Free Mommy’s recipes is that they are simple. I just don’t have the patience or budget to buy $6 bags of specialty flour. High five for simplicity.

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