My Body Rocks Pregnancy Course with Karen Brody

Karen Brody

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About the course:

You have the power to have a happy birth experience. Join this seven week group class conducted online and via tele-conference to learn not only how to connect with your body and give birth with confidence, but to learn how to free yourself from the fear mentality of labor and delivery. This pregnancy class is not about the baby… it is about you! Childbirth is an opportunity in a woman’s life to seize your power and that’s exactly what this class offers. Each week we will cover a different power center in your body.

A brief description of each class:

Week One: Power of Tribe
Identify and begin to dissolve belief patterns about birth you inherited from your family.

Week Two: Power of Choice
Turn your birth into a joyful experience by activating your creative energy and creating positive birth goals.

Week Three: Power of Intuition
Learn the invaluable skill of taking advantage of your intuition to make positive birth choices.

Week Four: Power of Love
Discover how self-love helps decrease pain and fear of labor and delivery.

Week Five: Power of Will
Learn how  making birth choices out of faith, not fear leads to a positive birth experience.

Week Six: Power of the Mind
Identify the essential components of designing your birth so you set yourself up for success.

Week Seven: Power of Spirit
Hear the stories of very different women who connected with their spirit to have a great birth.

About Karen:

Karen Brody is a mother of two boys, born in 1999 and 2001. In 2005 she wrote a documentary-style play called Birth, offering a portrait of how low-risk mothers are giving birth in America. As a consequence of Birth Brody founded BOLD, a global movement inspiring communities to use theater and storytelling circles to raise awareness and money to improve childbirth choices for mothers. BOLD events are experienced by thousands of people worldwide every year. Karen has a Masters of Arts degree in Women and Development. Before becoming a writer she was a community organizer for ten years leading workshops for women around the world.

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