My Body

nude pregnant woman

My Body

My body.
My body.
My body.
My fat body!

I have been struggling
with my body for years.
Not liking my photos.
Not liking my clothes.
Not liking my full face.
Not liking (How could I?)
this thing
your body,
has done to mine.

Now I know my body
is a magical vessel,
able to transform itself
at the service of life.
Able to stretch big
with new life,
to swell small breasts
large with milk.
to grow narrow pelvis
open for birth.
to reach aching arms
out for comfort.

My magnificent
magical body.
Fat at times.
Skinny at other times.
Young at times.
Old at other times.
Stretched at times.
Taut at other times.
Closed at times.
Open at other times.

My magnificent
magical woman’s body,
I will now adore you.

-Peggy O’Mara, 1982

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