my munchkies are back!

Taller, I think. Both of them. Lovely and happy and squishable. They were in good spirits and I didn’t need to lie on the floor and sing falsetto.

We ate mac-n-cheese, breakfast sausages, and fresh-made fruit smoothies for dinner (and why not?). That was after we went to Tar-jay to buy Honorée her birthday bike, compliments of my dad. She picked out a purple one with streamers and hand-brakes and a butterfly theme, right down to purple butterflies affixed to the wheels’ spokes. I bought her a tennis racket, and I got Nathaniel one too. That way, we can start whapping the ball around the back yard, and maybe even at one of the nearby public tennis courts. 

I remember when I got my first big-girl bike. It was a fabulous piece of seventies triptastic. A banana seat that featureed a MURAL on it…of bell-bottomed kids dancing in a swirly world, overlooked by a giant, smiling, setting sun. The bike frame started out red by the front tire and moved through ROY G BIV all the way to violet, one happy rainbow on wheels. I was so thrilled, until the bike department dude brought up the bike from the back and it was in a box, in pieces. I burst into tears. “It’s not put together! It’s never gonna be put together!” My dad was kind of taken aback. He put it together that very afternoon. The next day I pretended to be sick so I could stay home and ride my bike. And my parents were feeling so magnanimous that they teased me about having “bicycle-itis” and let me ride it anyway. Almost thirty years later (ack!!), my dad, on the phone, was like “Make sure you have someone at the store put it together for you.” He was so fixated on that and I think it’s because of my own long-ago reaction…or maybe it’s because I still haven’t put together the red wagon that my brothers got Nathaniel back in April. I plan to do it this weekend. Because I feel like a butt about it, big time. We were moving…it’s in the garage. I am ready to take it on.

The kids were VERY happy that I unpacked and reorganized their room. They got to rediscover all of their forgotten toys, and are sleeping blissfully with their Bamboletta Waldorf dolls as I write. I was short a few drawers before I did the grand purge in their room (I pulled out a ton of too-small clothing and passed it along to favored moppets), unpacked about 12 boxes–sorted them into bins by theme–it was a Virgo day for this sloppy Sag, I tell you. After I emptied the closet of boxes, I moved two awesome blue night tables into the closet, and used the drawers and shelves within them to accommodate the socks, underwear, pajamas that were sort of needing a home. I love repurposing things found in my garage. I had put them on craigslist and didn’t get any takers…boy am I glad about that now. I originally got the pair of them at a yard sale for $15, and then the kids’ dad sanded them and painted them a really great shade of fun-tac blue. So, it makes me happy that they are now back in use.

I don’t think I could have overhauled Honoree’s and Nathaniel’s room if they were around…there would have been way too much strenuous bemoaning of things headed out the door. I’ll tell you what: they will not stand for it when they’re older, so I may as well get it out of my system now.

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