Nanny Caught On Camera Drinking Mom’s Breast Milk

A mother from Taiwan recently fired her nanny when she found out that she was consuming her breastmilk.There is no doubt that breastmilk is healthy for a newborn, but how about for adults?  One Taiwanese nanny would say yes.

Any nursing mom will tell you how precious her breastmilk is.  This is especially true for moms who need to pump their milk as a result of returning to work.  So, how would you feel if your nanny was caught drinking your breast milk?  One mom knows exactly how it feels.

A 28-year-old mother from Taiwan recently fired her nanny when she found out that she was consuming her breastmilk.  According to Taiwan News, the mother, surnamed Lin, had hired her 58-year-old nanny after carefully reviewing her resume and interviewing her.  The nanny began working for the family during her “yuezi,” the traditional month of confinement for new moms.

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Lin had suspicions that her nanny was drinking her breast milk when one day, she saw a previously full bottle return to the kitchen empty.  The mother asked, “Where’s the milk?”  It was then that she realized that the nanny had consumed it.  She harshly warned the nanny, “In the future, if my daughter is full, please feed the rest to my [2-year-old] son.”

The mother continued to have suspicions that her milk was disappearing faster than her infant daughter was drinking it.  It was then that she turned to her security camera for answers.  The footage confirmed her suspicions, which initially showed the nanny feeding the infant a bottle.  After glancing up at the video camera, the nanny proceeded to move to the kitchen, where she presumably thought that she was out of sight of the camera, and she guzzled the rest of the milk.

Lin confronted the nanny, who admitted to drinking the milk.  She unapologetically told her employer that “she only drank a little.”

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The nanny followed up the incident by allegedly sending a message to the mother stating, “The previous mother I worked for let me take her breast milk home, and if the baby had not finished it, she would not make a big deal about it. She even said, ‘Auntie, if you are brave enough to drink it, then that’s OK.’ It really is one grain of rice that can feed a hundred people, I originally did not want to go to your home anyway.”

The nanny was immediately dismissed from her job, and the incident was reported to the city’s Social Affairs Bureau. A spokesman for the Bureau said that the while the nanny showed poor judgment, she caused no harm to the child.  The nanny has retained her license.

Taiwanese women have responded with anger and disbelief, with some reiterating how difficult it is for moms to pump their milk.  Others have expressed disgust at the taste, with one mom stating, “I wouldn’t even dare drink my own milk.”

Photo 2 Source: TVBS News, YoutTube

One thought on “Nanny Caught On Camera Drinking Mom’s Breast Milk”

  1. My 2nd son was born 3 months premature. I pumped for 2 months before he could actually nurse at breast. He was getting breast milk through the NG tube before being able to actually nurse. I was pumping over a quart per pump session so there was lots of leftovers from what could be used in the NG tube.

    You bet we drank it! I made smoothies for myself, my 2 1/2 year old son, and the boys Dad.

    A dear friend also took frozen milk for her 4 month old son as she had returned to work and pumping was hard for her. My generous supply of breast milk was well used.

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