National Applebee’s Nurse-In Sept 29th

Applebee's Nurse-InA national nurse-in will take place on Sept 29th in response to the harassment of a breastfeeding mom at an Applebee’s in Convington, Georgia.


On Sept 15th Dawn Holland was told by the manager at the Applebee’s that she must either nurse her child in the bathroom or leave. When she refused to move, stating her right to breastfeed in accordance with Georgia law, the police were called.


The nurse-in is being organized by Mother’s Right to Choose and will take place at Applebee’s across the US at 1pm local time. This peaceful demonstration will attempt to raise awareness about the rights of mothers to peacefully feed their babies and to educate business owners and the public about breastfeeding.


It also hopes to draw attention to the need for an enforcement provision in the current Georgia breastfeeding law. Breastfeeding Peaches Of Georgia,  a grassroots movement to protect breastfeeding civil liberties, states:


Our mission is to establish legislative change for the State of Georgia with a comprehensive breastfeeding protection law. Currently Georgia state law allows a mother to nurse her child anywhere that mother and child have permission to be, but there is no enforcement provision. A law without enforcement protects no one. New comprehensive breastfeeding legislation would provide for action against anyone subjecting a nursing mother to harassment or discrimination in violation of the current state breastfeeding law, as well as protection from all indecent exposure laws.


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