Natural Asthma Treatments

I have been told by a doctor that my son has asthma. He has a cough that started in December. The cough waxes and wanes, but started after an upper respiratory infection (URI). He has had an audible wheeze at times. As the cough has persisted even after his cold went away, I am beginning to concur with the diagnosis. I am, however, reluctant to use an inhaler, especially one containing a steroid. Are there complementary treatments?

Having a son with asthma led me onto my course of discovering alternative and complementary treatments so I understand your plight. You do not mention your son’s age but suffice it to say that his symptoms need to be addressed in their totality. The key fact you mention is that the asthma followed a URI. These are related. I suggest that you consult with a Certified Classical Homeopath who will assess the whole state of your son and prescribe a constitutional homeopathic remedy. He should also have an inhaler on hand for instances where you need it. True integrative healthcare recognizes the place for all interventions used safely and judiciously. Choose a medical doctor who is willing to collaborate with your homeopath. To find one near you, go to Please also eliminate causative foods, such as cow’s milk and external factors, such as cigarette smoke in the home or other fumes, toxins, etc. Omega 3s have been shown to have a direct anti-inflammatory effect on mucous membranes so I would also use that in a dosage safe for his age. To learn more and inform yourself on self care with homeopathy, become a member of the National Center for Homeopathy. It is a vital community of parents, practitioners, consumers, and all those interested in homeopathy.

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