Natural Parenting Toolbox: Common Herbs for Children

mortar and pestle with herbsHere are some common herbs and their health benefits for children:

Aloe vera: heals burns and wounds (used externally).

Arnica: good for bumps and bruises (used externally).

Astragalus: builds strengthens the immune system.

Calendula: soothes skin irritations, burns, diaper rash (used externally).

California poppy: calming; used in children’s nighttime formulas.

Catnip: calming, digestive aid; used for colic, sleeplessness,minor fevers.
Chamomile: a digestive aid and calming agent.

Comfrey: good for skin irritations, inflammations (should not be taken internally).

Echinacea: stimulates the immune system (best taken at the first signs of an illness).

Fennel: digestive aid; used for stomachache, gas, colic.

Feverfew: relieves fever and pain.

Garlic: antiviral, immune support (best taken raw).

Ginger: relieves nausea; anti-inflammatory.

Hops: sedative; hops flowers placed in a pillowcase make a good sleep aid for restless children.

Licorice: soothes sore throats, eases hay fever; antiviral.

Marshmallow root: immune support; demulcent (soothes inflamed mucus membranes).

Mullein: demulcent, expectorant; used for sore throats, coughs, asthma.

Peppermint: warming, digestive, antiviral.

St. John’s Wort: antidepressant, antiviral; used externally on minor injuries and ear infections.

Thyme: expectorant, antibacterial.

Valerian: sedative; relieves insomnia, hyperactivity.

Wild cherry bark: treats coughs; used in many cough syrups.

Yarrow: anti-inflammatory, promotes sweating; relieves fevers, can be used in baths to relieve chicken pox or poison ivy.

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