Natural Parenting Toolbox: Healthy School Lunches and Snacks

VeggiesTen Tasty Recipes for More Creative Lunches

Lunchtime doesn’t have to be all about sandwiches and packaged snacks. Here are some deliciously simple lunchbox suggestions that are fast and fun to make.

These foods can be placed in small reusable containers inside of a larger lunch sack, or you can use a bento-style lunchbox. 

1. Sliced Fresh Veggies with Humus Dip: you can make humus at home or buy it premade at most grocery stores 

2. Whole Wheat Crackers with Favorite Toppings: salmon spread, sliced cheese, soft cream cheese or goat cheese, healthy sliced meat and nut butters are just a few topping options

3. Mini Tacos: beans and cheese with sliced avocado, tomato and kale inside of a quarter of a tortilla shell

4. Noodle or Rice Salad: your favorite noodle or rice salad recipe makes an easy lunch

5. Pita Pocket: shredded carrots, sliced red peppers, cucumber, tomato and chickpeas in a pita half–add yogurt, cheese or meat if desired

6. Hearty Soups: place your favorite homemade or store bought soup in a thermos and send it along with breadsticks or crackers
7. Trail Mix: chopped dried fruit, nuts, pumpkin seeds, granola, dried coconut–let your children make their own favorite mix

8. Hard Boiled Eggs: these are so easy to make, come in their own container and keep all day

9. Smoothies: made from fresh or frozen fruit–such as bananas, peaches, berries, and pineapple–blended up with or without yogurt to replace juice or other sweetened drinks

10. Mini Pizzas: send along English muffins or squares of homemade pizza crust with favorite toppings

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