Natural Parenting Toolbox: Questions to Ask Birth Attendants at Home

  • What is your emergency procedure?
  • Under what circumstances do you transport to the hospital?
  • What hospital back-up or doctor back-up do you use or recommend?
  • Are you trained in CPR?
  • What emergency drugs do you have on hand, and for what purposes?
  • What emergencies have you handled?
  • What equipment and supplies do you bring to a birth?
  • What is the procedure for checking progress during labor? blood pressure? fetal heart rate?
  • Do you have preferences for position at birth?
  • How do you feel about having older children attend the birth?
  • Is a newborn exam done at birth? What does it consist of?
  • How long after the birth do you remain with the mother and child?
  • How often do you follow up to check on mother and child?

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