New AAP Study: No Amount of Alcohol Safe During Pregnancy


A study published this October by the American Academy of Pediatrics warns moms-to-be that no kind of alcohol – beer, wine, or liquor – is safe during any stage of pregnancy. The full study can be found in Pediatrics, the AAP’s publishing journal.

Prenatal alcohol exposure is a frequent cause of structural or functional effects on the brain, heart, bones and spine, kidneys, vision and hearing. It’s associated with a higher incidence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and specific learning disabilities such as difficulties with mathematics and language, visual-spatial functioning, impaired impulse control, information processing, memory skills, problem solving, abstract reasoning and auditory comprehension.See more

With a significant number of pregnant women admit to drinking while pregnant, and with science having gone back and forth on this issue over the recent decades, I’m sure there is an automatic hesitation to believe the urgency this report tries to convey, at least there was for me. However, not drinking alcohol isn’t the worst of the pregnancy woes, and if I can avoid feta and deli meat for nine months, I can skip delicious wine too.

What do you think? Worth not taking the risk? Or is it killing a fly with a hammer?

18 thoughts on “New AAP Study: No Amount of Alcohol Safe During Pregnancy”

  1. As a (previous) recreational drinker who enjoyed an almost daily glass or two of wine, I am surprised by how easy it has been to abstain from alcohol during my pregnancy. I thought I would miss it a lot more, or feel out of place when all of my friends were imbibing. But the first trimester I just felt crappy, so drinking just didn’t sound good (although I did drink prior to knowing I was pregnant). Now that I’m well into my second trimester, the looks, and comments from others when I’ve had a glass of wine with dinner, take away so much of the pleasure of that glass of wine that I’d now rather just have water. Although that was before. Now, with this recommendation that pregnant women not even have a taste of alcohol during pregnancy, I suppose I’ll either have to “sneak” a sip of my husband’s beer, or just forego those 5 mL of 4.5% ABV beer for the next 4 months? I mean, come. on.

    I find this type of recommendation to be very paternalistic and I think it encourages pregnant-woman-shaming. I simply do not believe that the occasional glass of wine, and certainly not a SIP of alcohol, is harmful. Simply doesn’t make sense, given the history of alcohol in the lives of humans. I understand that studies have yet to identify a safe level of alcohol, but that does not mean there is no safe level of alcohol. I have yet to come across a study that has found instances of FASD resulting from 1-2 glasses of wine per week (the recommended limit I’ve seen from many many doctors and health departments).

    Instead, this strikes me as an example of the limitations of medical recommendations. It is not practically possible for the medical community-at-large to offer individualized care or recommendations, so they issue these blanket recommendations just to be safe. Because the message is being transmitted to a wide spectrum of women, across broad socio-economic, educational, and lifestyle categories, the message has to fit for alcoholics and reasonable, healthy women alike.

    To those who would say, “why risk it?” – I would respond, every single moment I put my unborn child at risk! Search the internet for a list of “neurotoxins” and you will freak yourself out at the exposure fetuses the world over are getting whether we like it or not. Every time you sit on that flame-retardant couch, every time you drive in a car, or pump gas, or drink tap water, or drink sparkling water from an aluminum can or make spaghetti sauce from tinned tomatoes. Listeria? Well you have to eat but do you have to eat any prepared foods from a store or restaurant? It would probably be safer if you didn’t. I lie awake in very odd hours of the morning fretting about how I’m going to fight off all of these dangers, let alone the ones I’m not even sure about (as in, what horrible chemicals are in that deodorizing spray on an automatic timer in so many public bathrooms???). For the record, rational thought is really not compatible with 3am insomnia. Meanwhile, Baby B kicks and wiggles away (happily, I think) in my belly.

    Ultimately, in the light of day, I believe myself to be an intelligent individual capable of rational thought, and I have to trust my own judgment and the knowledge of my own body. I have to, or I will drive myself and those around me (including my future kid) absolutely bonkers. So yes, my reasonable side declines to take these “new” recommendations as legitimate…but my irrational, anxious-mother-to-be side will probably skip out on that holiday glass of champagne I was so looking forward to.

    1. I agree. It seems that the academic community and medical field can’t grasp the concept that to live is a risk in and of itself. Rather than avoid risk in a blanketed way, to live a fully and with vitality means making room for reasonable risk and tolerating the feelings of fear & uncertainty risk brings. Our culture could use a dose of distress tolerance rather than the current heavy agenda to control risk more, which only constricts the ability to live fluidly. I take all of this with a grain of salt.

  2. I am a mother of 2 beautiful, healthy girls, one aged number 10 one 8 months. During my first pregnancy, I totally went off alcohol and besides a night out with my bestie at 8 months preggers when I drank a couple of glasses of weak Pimms, I abstained. Baby no. 1 is doing great academically, but was slow on all of her gross motor skills milestones and has a small hole in her heart. During my second pregnancy, I drank within the (then) safe limits of 1-2 small glasses of wine a week after about 20 weeks. Early days with Baby no. 2, but she is every bit as bright as Baby no. 1, but completely acing on gross motor skills.

    What does this mean?? Well obviously it is completely anecdotal, but in my opinion I

    1. (aaargh, smart phone error!!)
      I have to agree pretty much with what Lindsey says and take this new report with a large pinch of salt. I do also tend to think that these blanket statements are designed to scare the irresponsible rather than give rational, educated women sleepless nights. If you search up on FASD you will quickly find results linking a few glasses of wine to this serious medical condition on, etc, but when you look for the genuine medical research, turns out you need to be downing a bottle of vodka a day to put your baby at risk.

      Seems to me that this is nothing more than another stick to beat pregnant women with and another excuse to make them public property.

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