New Book Giveaway: Lisa Kogan’s Someone Will Be With You Shortly

Lisa Kogan is probably most well-known for writing a monthly column on her “perfectly imperfect life” (single motherhood, writing, friendships and family) for O Magazine. I have her new book in front of me, a copy provided by Harper Collins as a reader giveaway.

So, leave a comment telling us who your favorite mama author is and why, and I will enter your name in a drawing and pick the lucky winner on Monday, March 22.

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5 thoughts on “New Book Giveaway: Lisa Kogan’s Someone Will Be With You Shortly”

  1. I have two favorite authors. One is Lu Hanessian, who wrote “Let the Baby Drive.” I love it because of the chapters dealing with the birth of her second son and becoming a family of four – it mirrors my own experience. Another book which I love (which is also, interestingly, on the subject of becoming a family of four) is “Waiting for Birdy” by Catherine Newman. Both authors seem like mamas I’d really like knowing.
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Goodbyes are hard =-.

  2. I am new to parenting. My sister moved on to a better place a 5 months ago and because my nephew does not know his father, he wanted to live with me. It wasn’t hard to say, yes. He is blood and I love the kid. I’m in search of everything I can locate on the internet about raising a child because I want to be the best uncle a kid can have so, thank you for the blog post and now I must move on to the next one.

  3. This looks like a fabulous book. I have to say my favorite mama author is Ariel Gore. I find a measure of comfort in reading stories from the collection “The Essential Hip Mama Writing From the Cutting Edge of Parenting.” I think often mama’s can feel that we are the only facing a specific issue, and it is reassuring to know that we all face the same mothering challenges regardless of our race/culture/economic backgrounds and age. I also enjoy Rebecca Woolf’s reflections on mothering.

    Seal Press is a great place to find a wealth of mama authored books. What I related too is mothering from the heart and gut — new age/hippie techniques that apply to where I am today. I don’t even bother with the trendy books that talk about nannies, bottles, play groups and having it all!

  4. p.s. I should add that the books I want to read, reflect on how mothering has opened up a new creative force within women. How mother’s raise their child/ren, and continue to grow as an individual – retaining their identity, their passions and only becoming stronger. In my experience that is the gift of motherhood. It isn’t about the ring/marriage/the perfect house and the perfect group of mothering “friends” – topics often focused on in your mainstream books. I want to read about the sacrifices, and triumphs. Ultimately, mothering connects us with the goddess within, without and all around – my own creative force has become stronger as a mother, and in all honesty I am more of a feminist after giving birth, breastfeeding and attachment parenting then I was as a single academic woman who believed in certain ideologies without understanding the root of where those beliefs begin – the womb!

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