New Here, Not New To Mothering


“Moeder met kind” by Gustaaf Sorel

Mothering magazine has been a guiding force in my life. It changed the way I see myself as a mother and affirmed my choices as I nurtured my four children. And our choices matter. I’m convinced that parenting tenderly, with affection and calm guidance, is a vital path to creating a more peaceful world.

I’m eager to begin blogging for Mothering. I’ll be writing about learning, mindfulness, sustainability, peace, and occasionally, silliness. Before I get started, I thought I’d share a few random self-revelatory notes.


1. My children are, as I’ve always suspected, the Hope of the World.  Everyone else’s are too.


2. The boy I started dating when I was 14 is the man I married at 18. We’re still together refuting all those naysayers.


3. I’m a hermit, just the friendly sort.


4. When asked by one of my children to explain what “circumcise” meant, I demonstrated using clay and a knife.


5. I used to make up songs to sing to my children as well as to the chickens, cows and bees on our little farm. Now my kids make up songs. So far, the animals aren’t improvising any lyrics.


6. I may be a peace lover, but I still rant.


7.  I’m pretty sure deeper connection with the natural world and more time for creativity would cure many personal problems plaguing the modern human.  No, I’m not ranting.


8. I don’t do fussy beauty tasks. I plucked one eyebrow one time. It hurt. No blow drying, no curlers, no nail polish, earrings every decade or so. Regular flossing, that’s it.


9. I recognize my fashion choices are questionable because my children say, “You aren’t going out in that are you?” Also because people regularly offer me hand-me-downs, which I gladly accept. That’s why some days I may be wearing a 70-year-old lady’s skirt and a teenager’s top.


10. Subversive cooking is a sneaky pleasure of mine.


11. Research fascinates me. I dig into a topic sideways and every which way. That gets me started on several other topics. No wonder it’s hard to get an article done on deadline.


12. I’m an arts and crafts idler. I fantasize about projects far more often than I actually do them.


13. I used to get together with nursing home residents to write poetry.  After a year of these collaborative gatherings their poems were compiled into a small book. Those weren’t great poems, but the experience itself felt like living in a poem.


14. Dreams and visions have given me guidance. I didn’t say the guidance was always helpful.


15. There are random body parts around my house. Two mannequin torsos in my office, a nose my brother carved hanging in my kitchen, doll’s legs in my potted plants, a large hand on a bookcase, a head wearing a Viking helmet in my living room. Yet I don’t watch scary movies.


16. I think each moment is a form of prayer.


17. Since my earliest memory, I have felt personally responsible for world peace and environmental harmony. That particular burden probably explains my bad posture.


18. I’ve been waiting a long time, trusting what I’d been told as a child—- “You’ll understand when you’re older.” Well, damn it, I am older. I still don’t understand.


Now, tell me something random and self-revelatory about yourself!




Laura Grace Weldon is the author of Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything. She lives on a small farm with her family where they raise bees, cows, chickens, and the occasional ruckus. Laura writes about learning, sustainability, and peace for print and online publications. Connect with her at

Laura Grace Weldon

About Laura Grace Weldon

Laura Grace Weldon is a writer, editor, conflict resolution educator, and marginally useful farm wench. She is the author of Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything. She lives with her family on Bit of Earth Farm. Check out life on the farm at and keep up with Laura’s relentless optimism at

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