Our New Hero Is Mom Who Delivered 13 Pound Baby Naturally

An Australian Woman GIves Birth To 13 Pound Baby naturally

An Australian mother got the surprise of her life when she gave birth to a 13 lbs., 4 oz., little boy in January, after opting for a natural birth and no epidural!

Preston, Australia mother Natashia Corrigan was aware that her baby was probably going to be born a bit above average where weight was concerned. Her doctors told her that her little boy was weighing in around nine pounds when she was 36 weeks, though his older sisters were born at 8 lbs., 4 oz., and 7 lbs., 12 oz., respectively.

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Still, knowing her son, named Brian Jr., was going to be a larger baby, Natashia wanted his birth to be natural, and only accepted laughing gas to help take the edge off. When he came out, she was shocked. Natashia called the birth a chaotic time, but credits the calm sensibility and expertise of the staff at Mercy Hospital in Melbourne, where she delivered.

Weighing twice the size of an average newborn, Brian Jr. (tipping the scales at 13 lb) is believed to be the largest baby born in Victoria, and possibly in Australia, though there is no official record keeping of birth weights. Natashia and her partner Brian say they’ve always wanted a “little fat baby” and they got a “big” one and mom couldn’t be happier!

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Though they were shocked, mom and dad are thrilled with the outcome, especially since she refused the epidural. She and her partner say that the experience was chaotic, as he had a hard time coming through vaginally because of his size, but Corrigan says she just kept trying to be positive throughout the delivery and the staff helped her with positive thoughts and breathing deeply.

And, mama and baby did and are doing fabulously! Even though she calls it the scariest time of her life, she couldn’t be happier with the outcome–and that’s not the laughing gas talking!

[Source: CBS News]

Photo: David Caird/News Corps Australia

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