New Yogurt Ad Encourages to ‘Mom On’ in The Face Of Judgement

Have you seen the new Yoplait yogurt commercial?

Have you seen the new Yoplait yogurt commercial that encourages moms to #MomOn with their parenting decisions, and to ignore the judgment that just about every mom gets, no matter what she does?

We have, and we want to know what you think about it.

You’ve probably seen it on social media — the Yoplait yogurt commercial that features moms sharing that often as mothers, we’re darned if we do and darned if we don’t. Each mom shares how something she’s done or chosen as a mother has received the ‘side-eye’ and judgments, and yet, the world still continues to turn.

Yoplait tells mothers that they’ve got this whole mothering thing down, and to ‘Mom On,’ especially when it comes to doing “What Tastes Right,” with reference to the fact that Yoplait isn’t made with “cage-free, Norwegian hemp-milk,” and kids still love it.

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I admit, I giggled at the pure honesty in it’s not “Mommy Juice,” but wine, and too much cleavage being attributed to how one woman became a mother in the first place. I do feel like that little dig about their yogurt not being “cage-free, Norwegian hemp,” is somewhat a bit of reverse judgment, especially for those of us who may actually choose something as ‘crunchy’ over something like Yoplait.

But overall, I like the ad.

I like that it empowers moms. I like that it reminds moms that parenting has been unique since the dawn of time, and most importantly, I like that it points out that moms just can’t seem to win when it comes to the Mommy Olympics. I like that even though its goal is to sell yogurt, it achieves a bit more in the bigger scheme of Mom Life.

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It shows that moms are different colors and ages and have made different life choices when it comes to whether they work outside of the home (presumably for pay, whereas the work they do inside the home is not) or are ‘ambitionless’ stay-at-home-moms. For those of us (and I don’t think I am alone) who feel the pressure from society to “Mom” right, when there’s no handbook for doing so correctly, it tells us that it’s okay to do the best we can with the resources and information we have.

And that is what I think #MomOn really means.

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  1. It’s about time. After all other animals dont have someone yelling ‘push’. Or ‘hold your breath and push’ I hust watched my daughter deliver ger 9.6#baby with a 13.5 in head circumference. It was the most barbaric thing I gave ever seen. I thought the doctor and nurses were goingbto pull her in half. At one time there was 5 hands inside her pulling indifferent direction. Finally before baby and mother expired they did an episiatomy on her. Baby came right out on its,own. People this is the 21st century surely mothers can have their babies nature without torture.

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