Nicki’s Diapers BestBottom One Size Giveaway!

Hey, all!

Nicki from Nicki’s Diapers has given us a beautiful new BestBottom cloth diaper in Mint Chocolate Chip.

And on a baby:

I was psyched to learn about this new cloth diaper system, designed by Nicki after evaluating the pros and cons of different kinds of cloth diapers. Here’s how they work:

The winner gets to choose from seven colors, size of insert and closure style. Which one would you choose? Please leave the answer to that question in your comment below, which enters you in the contest.

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321 thoughts on “Nicki’s Diapers BestBottom One Size Giveaway!”

  1. Oh I forgot to add, snap style, in key lime or strawberry shortcake, and large staydry liner 🙂

    Fingers crossed, sounds like an awesome system!

  2. So cute! I’m new to cloth diapering and LOVING it so far. I would go with the strawberry shortcake color with snap closures and a stay dry insert… thanks for asking!

  3. I would love to win a strawberry shortcake diaper with a large stay-dry insert and snap closures. The wipeable inside is an awesome idea!!!

  4. Would like the Chunky Monkey with a large stay-dry insert and snap closures. Thanks a bunch (get it? a bunch of bananas)!

  5. Orange Sherbet! Large stay dry insert with snap closure. I would love try these on my little guy! Definitely looking to try snaps – the smarty can get the diapers he has now off!

  6. I love the Mint Chocolate Chip. Great colors. I need the large insert. The cloth diapers look great. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Would love to win the Chunky Monkey color with hemp/cotton insert and snap closure 🙂 This diaper looks amazing!

  8. Ooooh, I’ve been wanting to try these! I’d love Chunky Monkey with snaps and a large insert. Fingers crossed!!

  9. These look great! We would love to try a Blue Moon with a large insert (hemp if possible) and snaps. Thank you!

  10. They are adorable. Love all the colour options but chunky monkey and strawberry shortcake are adorable! I’d be interested in the Hemp organic insert in Large size. Like the fact that they have an option for a doubler as well! Snap closure is the best!

  11. I have a beautiful 5 month old daughter that would look so sweet in this diaper! We love to show off how cute cloth diapering can be!

  12. Thanks for doing these giveaways so often! It offers great exposure to awesome products for moms like me. I love the Chunky Monkey, would prefer a large insert and snaps. Thanks!

  13. I would choose mint chocolate chip in size large with snap closure. Thanks for the chance to win. Looks like a great diaper system!

  14. These diapers look great! I love the one size design…I would love one in Blue Moon, with a medium insert and snap closures. Pick me!!!! 🙂 7 month old William would look rodiculously adorable with one of these on his bum……

  15. chunky monkey in large, very cool! I would try the hemp or stay dry insert, and I love the doubler option for night.

  16. Ooh! I’d love to try these! I’d pick a “chunky monkey” with a large hemp insert and snap closures. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I love the look of these, can’t wait to try them out! I like the chunky monkey color combo, with the snap closure.

  18. What a great idea! I would love to give them a try. We would need the large with snap closures. I like the chunky monkey!

  19. Oh that is so cute and I like the design! I guess I’d just say a medium insert. The mint chocolate is adorable.

  20. large hemp/organic insert in strawberry shortcake (or really any color). These look AWESOME! I may just have to buy a couple whether I win or not.

  21. omgosh, i love this idea! i really want to try it. esp with the overnight & doubler options. i’d like to get the mint choc chip with the medium hemp insert!

  22. These are cute and look like they may be not as bulky as the diapers we are currently using. I have to buy his pants one size up to fit the diaper. For this diaper give-away, I like the key lime pie, large hemp/orgo cotton insert, with the snap closure.

  23. Boy`dont`these`look`lovely:)I`been`using`disposable`because`my`washable`ones`suck`wish`I`could`afford`some`fancy`ones`like`these.Im`a`working`momma`with`a`family`of`three`to`support`and`diaper`service`is`more`expensive`then““`disposable`diapers.

  24. I like the blue moon or mint chocolate chip (they are both so cute for my two little guys) with snap closure and the large hemp/organic cotton inserts.

  25. I have my eye on the key lime pie or mint chocolate chip. I love snaps and I better start with a small insert.

  26. Would love to be entered. I would pick a Key lime, snap closure with an organic/hemp insert. My daughter has a super cute dress that this would match perfectly. Love all the colors though!!

  27. I’d love to try this dipe! I like the mint chocolate chip color, in hook & loop with an organic hemp/cotton insert.

  28. Absolutely adorable. The mint and brown is the perfect combination. Large insert and snaps would be peerfect.

  29. I am fighting Pampers right now b/c my son has suffered the chemical burn from them (ped diagnosed). We are amking the switch to cloth this weekend and I found these yesterday. I was so excited to find thses. I would love a orange sherbert!
    .-= Melissa J´s last blog ..Journal 6/7 – Tired =-.

  30. Just sold our newborn stash and find out 2 weeks later we’re pregnant again, sooooo we’re having to rebuild our little one stash. Love the Chunky Monkey, in size small stay dry insert with snaps!

  31. Mint chocolate Snap Shell-because it’s cute. And with small insert because I’m expecting my first baby. Thanks!

  32. Our next bundle of love is on it’s way November 1st… don’t know if it’s a “he” or a “she” yet, so we’ll stay somewhat neutral with the “Key Lime” and organic cotton/hemp insert. Who doesn’t love green? 😉 Thanks Mothering!

  33. I’m expecting a boy, we’d go for Chunky Monkey with a medium hemp inset and snap closures if we won! (I’ve never won a giveaway, my has to be drawing near!!)

  34. These Bestbottoms sound fantastic! We really like the orange sherbet one, with a large hemp insert & snap closure.

  35. Blue moon, snap closures and hemp insert! Largest size would be great! Great diaper and great giveaway!

  36. I’d LOVE to give these a try! The Chunky Monkey, Snaps, with Hemp insert in the large size would be ideal! So cute!

  37. Oooh I like the Chunky Monkey one with organic/hemp insert and snap closures. 🙂
    .-= Kelly Seow´s last blog ..

  38. Oh, I’d love a mint chocolate chip with a medium organic/hemp insert! I’ve been dying to try these.

  39. I love all the colors but mint chocolate chip is my fav with snaps & a hemp insert in a small, since I’m expecting!

  40. I would love the chunky monkey H&L with a large overnight insert! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  41. Chocolate mint prob size medium organic cotton/hemp insert snap closure please! Just started cloth diapering and am still building my supplies. This would be lovely!

  42. Love it!!! Would like chunky monkey in medium with snaps and hemp insert! Please pick me this is so awesome!

  43. I would go with the Orange Sherbet snap shell with a large overnight insert. We’ve tried everything for nightime; if this would work for my very thirsty 2 year old I would be very impressed!!

  44. These are SO cute! I’d like the Strawberry Shortcake with Hemp/Organic Cotton Insert and snap closure, please!

  45. We are just starting cloth diapering (our son is 4 days old!) and would love chunky monkey with a medium hemp insert and snaps.

  46. Oooooh orange sherbert!!! Would love this. Snaps. Poly insert. Hmmm was there another question? Actually we aren’t picky and our son would love any of them!

  47. Chunky Monkey for sure! But, all the colors are great! I am just building my stash, starting late with cloth diapering with my 30# son – but better late than never! I’m trying to get as Green as possible!

  48. I would like the chocolate chip mint cover with medium hemp inserts and snaps. These are cute, and I am dying to try hemp.

  49. Mmm… Mint Chocolate Chip – my favourite. Size large insert, please!! Hemp would be great, but we aren’t picky.

  50. I love the Strawberry Shortcake colorway! Snaps w/a large hemp insert would be my pick for dd! I’ve heard great things about these dipes so thank you for the chance!

  51. I’m all about the Chunky Monkey! I’d love the snaps and a med insert.

    Super cute diapers…. thanks for a chance to win!

  52. These have such cute colours! We would love to have a large hemp insert in the mint chocolate chip! We are always on the hunt to try new cloth diapers! Would love the opportunity to try these! Thanks so much!

  53. Ooh, the Chunky Monkey is darling! I would love to see my baby in it! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  54. These are darling! Would love to try these cute little diapers on our baby boy. My favorite colors are Chunky Monkey and Orange Sherbert!

  55. I so wanted to try these when I saw them on Nicki’s website last week. I would go with the mint chocolate chip, with snaps, and the hemp insert.

  56. I just got my tester pack of CD, I am so excited to try them. I would definitely have to do the chunky monkey!!!

  57. I would love to be entered for a mint chocolate with a med. hemp insert! We have a two yo with a second on the way, so OS dipes are right up our ally!

  58. I have three children under 4 and two still in diapers. When Pampers introduced their style of DryMax diapers, we were one of many that suffered from chemical burns (pediatrician diagnosed). We are fighting with others on this and it breaks my heart.

    As of this past Friday (yesterday!) we made the decision to do cloth. Why it’s taken three kids to get to that point is beyond me. My friend let us borrow some for the weekend but we’re just about to place our first order for these Best Bottom diapers. We have the kids in daycare right now and feel that this would work best for daycare and our lifestyle. His bottom already looks better as of today.

    I’m a huge Gator fan too and would love the orange sherbert 🙂
    .-= Melissa J´s last blog ..Journal 6/7 – Tired =-.

  59. They are all cute and I’m not picky but neutral or boyish would be splindid! A med insert and def snaps. Much thanks!! :0)

  60. I LOVE the Orange Sherbet with snaps, size large Hemp insert 🙂 Would love to win this! Would work great for when we start potty training our son this summer 🙂 Thank you!

  61. the key lime pie would look delicious on my baby’s bottom with the organic insert size large!!!

  62. Hi, These diapers look great! I would especially love a Mint Chocolate Chip with a large hemp insert! My second choice would be Blue Moon! I love the names of these, so creative. Love the fact that they’re made in the USA too! Keep up the great work, would love to try these!

  63. I’m going to ask my son about the color he like, lol, any color would be great, with large inserts in organic hemp cotton…

  64. Only took me five kids to finally give cd’s a try. Love them and am working creating my stockpile! Love the strawberry shortcake and hemp inserts in size large.

  65. Love the new diaper! Mint Chocolate Chip, snaps, with large hemp insert. Would really love for my girl to be able to wear Jeans again!!!!

  66. Oh my goodness! I love the Mint Chocolate Chip, but the Chunky Monkey is just precious! I think if I had to choose just one it would be Mint Chocolate Chip, because it is my favorite kind of ice cream though!

  67. I would choose blue moon, with the hook and loop closure style, and a large hemp/organic cotton insert! I would LOVE to win one of these diapers!
    .-= Jill Daugherty´s last blog ..Hypocritical Mind =-.

  68. Cute!! I’d either choose the chunky monkey or mint chocolate chip. 😀 Its hard to choose just one!

  69. Can’t wait to try these diapers! I would love to win a mint chocolate chip with a large hemp insert.

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