Nine Things I’m Not Doing Right

1. I don’t make my son cut his toenails often enough (right now they look like talons on a bird of prey).

2. I can’t sleep past 3:30 a.m. unless I go to bed before 8 p.m. I almost never go to bed before 8 p.m.

3. I watch “Saturday Night Fever” with my 10-year-old. (We fast forward through the gang rape scene. I forgot there was a gang rape scene. “Mommy, what was happening there?” “That girl got upset because she had too much to drink and she was taking drugs and then she realized she did not want those boys hugging and kissing her and she felt really bad.”)

4. I eat an entire bag of chocolate covered caramels even though I have low blood sugar and I know eating it will make me feel bad physically and disappointed with myself.

5. I’m not affectionate enough with my husband.

6. I check my email while I’m nursing the baby instead of just enjoying our time together.

7. I do the kids’ chores because it’s easier and it takes less time than getting them to do them.

8. I feel resentful about the kids not doing their chores.

9. I have unresolved issues with my mother.

Do you have unresolved issues with your family? Do you sometimes do your children’s chores? Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything wrong? Do you have advice about how moms and dads can be kinder to themselves?

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