No Time to Nap, Which is Why I’m Going For It

The day after I wrote my post “One Nap Every Day?” I  woke up and immediately said to myself: what the *!*? was I thinking? I can’t take a nap every day for one year starting on Mothers Day. I’m too busy.

My mind began to spill out the list of why it is absolutely-impossible for me to nap every day starting with reason number one: my husband leaves on a three week trip to Thailand, Bangladesh and Senegal one week after Mothers Day. Not only won’t he be around to do the dishes, which I’ve calculated adds an hour to my evening mommy routine, I won’t even be able to get him on the phone to complain about how the kids continually insulted each other through breakfast, or how Jacob complained about Aden’s horrible guitar playing and Aden complained about Jacob’s inadequate Lego collection.

And then there’s the fact that when my husband arrives home it’s just as Jacob gets out of school for the next 85 days for his summer break (not that I’m counting). Oh, and did I mention that Aden is in school for the next 2.5 weeks so while Jacob is out of school at home with me working, nothing to do, no brother to argue with, not enough Lego to make him happy (I’ve finally discovered that no amount of Lego is enough to feed his insatiable habit), and a personality that would be happy  if he was living on a cruise ship with activities planned every half hour, but miserable at home with a mother who will be working, doing housework and now napping.

What screw was lose when I decided I was going to start napping on Mothers Day this year?

Call it off, my inner super-mom-Type A-practical side told me. You can’t do it.

But then I thought about how exhausted I am, how I always say I need more sleep, how my period is out of wack and I think it’s hormones and age but after energy healers, acupuncturists, midwives and Gyns, I don’t know, and how given my life over the past five years of 10 moves in 5 years with a family of 4, in addition to writing a play, making a short film, inspiring red tent birth storytelling circles around the world and founding a global movement to improve maternity care,  I deserve a year-long nap. So I’m going for it.

And I hope you’ll go for it too. Imagine moms around the world taking a yoga nidra nap? Already, my good friend in Kenya plans to sign on. And a woman I met last week at a writers workshop plans to come over to my house to nap with me. I can’t wait!

Sure there’s the list of reasons why I cannot nap, why I don’t have any time for a nap, and I guess in the end that’s what is convincing me the most that I need to nap.

I need some yin to balance my yang.

In the coming weeks I’ll post a guide to how to take a yoga nidra nap and, because my husband thinks I’m crazy to commit to a long nap every day, I’ll offer some perimeters on what I’m going to call a nap this year (Can we nap while eating ice cream?!). Also, in my next post, I plan to define who I’m talking about when I say “mother.” You may be surprised!

Okay, I better go now. I’ve got to finish an article I’m writing, go to my acupuncturist, pick up my younger son, get home in time for my older son, and figure out how I’m going to get my older son to his flag football and then onto a birthday sleepover on Saturday while at the same time watch my younger son playing at the  halftime of a professional football team. A nap? What was I thinking? (wink!)

PS: if you’re super-curious about where I’m going with this check out Richard Miller’s website on his iRest/yoga nidra protocol!

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