Normalize BreastFeeding With Tree Of Life ‘Brelfies’

Tree of Life Brelfies Are All Over the internet to normalize breastfeeding.PicsArt challenged moms to create personal art showing the beauty of nursing in an effort to normalize breastfeeding, and the Tree Of Life pieces are truly stunning!

For five years, BreastFeeding Mama talk (BFMT) has encouraged mamas everywhere to normalize breastfeeding. It has been a platform for mamas to talk all things nursing with real support and resources. This year, they paired up with PicsArt, and launched the #TreeofLife edit challenge to continue normalizing and showing the beauty of breastfeeding.

A Beautiful Brelfie represents normalizing black breastfeeding

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Last year, a wave of mamas used PicsArt edit features to create stunning #TreeOfLife pieces of art–essentially, they created ‘brelfies’ (breastfeeding selfies) that celebrated their motherhood and attempts to normalize breastfeeding. PicsArt caught on and this year is participating in a challenge for moms to continue using PicsArt edits to create and share their gorgeous pictures.

Brelfies celebrating nursing are in a challenge by PicsArt
                                          Dani Nicole Pizzuti/PicsArt

The challenge started September 15, and runs through today, so there’s still time! You can go here to learn how to create your #TreeOfLife edit, and it’s open to all moms, whether they are currently nursing or not. Moms who created #TreeOfLife edits last year are also eligible to enter the challenge and share.

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Ten beautiful edits will be chosen by the PicsArt community and then featured on PicsArt and in BFMT’s Facebook community as the winners (who will also receive some awesome PicsArt swag!), but we’re pretty sure the spreading of the pictures everywhere will continue for quite a while as mamas continue to show the beauty in breastfeeding!

Beautiful Tree of Life Brelfies help normalize breastfeeding.
                           Christina Castro/PicsArt

If you want to create your own for the challenge or just because it’s gorgeous, you can follow PicsArt’s tutorial. If you choose to enter today, don’t forget to follow the instructions to tap on the trophy icon in the toolbar. And, don’t forget to share!

Top Photo Source: Trisha Marie Cooley/PicsArt

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