Not Breastfeeding? Jennifer Margulis says you should feel angry, not guilty

Not BreastfeedingThank you to Jennifer Margulis for the contribution of this excerpt from her newest blog post, Women Who Don’t Breastfeed Shouldn’t Feel Guilty, They Should Feel Angry.


I have an op-ed in today’s Newsday about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Latch On New York Initiative.


If you haven’t heard, Bloomberg announced that, come September 3, New York City hospitals are being asked to voluntarily keep formula under lock and key, just like other medications. If nurses need it for new moms, they would have to sign it out.


Many feminists, like’s Hanna Rosin, have been getting on their high horses about how this initiative is taking choice away from women.


They’re wrong.


We live in a country where health is a profit-driven industry. In all but three states (go Rhode Island! Go Massachusetts! And sort of start to go New York), formula manufacturers are given free reign to cozy up to hospital staff, hospital administrators, and pediatricians. Two of the three formula giants in America are among the top donors to the American Academy of Pediatrics every year. No one is naive enough to believe this is because formula makers care about infant health.


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