Nursing Mannequins Normalize Breastfeeding in Colombia

A new initiative in Colombia is displaying mannequins 'openly' breastfeeding in storefront windows.A new initiative introduced to shopping malls in Colombia is displaying mannequins ‘openly’ breastfeeding in storefront windows to change attitudes towards nursing babies in public.

Global healthcare company Abbott started a campaign in Colombia that was to persuade shopping malls (and shoppers) to change their attitudes and policies about nursing mothers, particularly in public. In Colombia, breastfeeding is highly controversial, and many nursing mothers are criticized for doing so, in both private and public.

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To combat this, joining with the creative ad agency JWT Colombia and promoted under the name Amigos de la Lactancia (Friends of Breastfeeding), Abbott persuaded well-known retailers to switch at least one storefront mannequin with a unique ‘breastfeeding’ mannequin, and to post stickers saying that intolerance toward breastfeeding would not be tolerated.

Over 100 stores decided to do so, and the campaign went viral. Within the first two weeks of the mannequins’ display, 10 shopping malls changed their policies toward nursing in their stores and promoted themselves as being safe places for mothers to nurse without fear of harassment or criticism. This was the result of an online nomination process people voted in for shopping malls across the country to become safe havens with breast-feeding friendly environments.movement-to-normalize-bresastfeeding-with-mannequins-in-colombia

The movement has the support of many celebrities and well-known retailers like Michael Kors, Crate and Barrell and Derek, and is growing in support across Colombia and internationally as well.

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Interestingly, Abbott is the maker of infant formulas Similac and Elecare, and still, they seem to be putting more effort toward more positive attitudes about nursing and breastfeeding one’s child than many in the United States, so here’s hoping for some inspiration in for North American retailers as well!

Photos: Amigos De La Lactancia

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