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Snapshot. There’s a word you don’t here much any more. Or at least, not in the one-time sense of “a cheap and quick photo taken with a cheap and quick point-and-shoot camera.” Like the sublimely named Kodak INSTAMATIC.

They sure don’t name them like they used to. How could you not feel hipster-cool carrying around an INSTAMATIC? (And just look at it!) (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Anyway. Don’t get me started on old cameras. My original intent was to upload a snapshot I surreptitiously grabbed earlier today with my cell phone—the Instamatic of our times.

I walked by staff photographer/super designer/web production  expert/Photoshop wiz Melyssa Holik’s desk and saw her busy at work, after a trip this morning to the eye doctor’s office where they dilated her eyes.

Nothing stops Mel.




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