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Yes, the back to school thing did kick my butt. Can you tell? Sheesh. I think things are mellowing out now. 

My daughter loves first grade, although her front-row desk spot got inexplicably switched with another kid’s, and now she’s in the second row, which irks her to no end. “I can’t see because of all of the heads, mom!” she griped. I emailed Teach…maybe she can get back into that front row. I know I always liked it…I guess we share that dexter gene. Her first day of school outfit was so darn cute–she dressed herself and chose very bling-y sequin-encrusted mary janes, argyle knee-socks, and a dress. Can’t remember the dress right now…it’s been all of a week…but I just popped three thousand mgs of Nordic Naturals Omega-3 supplements so it might actually pop back into my head, maybe tomorrow. And, I can ask her. 

Nathaniel is loving being one of the bigger kids at Waldorf preschool. His nemesis has moved on, so they won’t have to duke it out in the “who’s the alpha blond curly top” game. 

Right afterwards, we drove over to Tara’s Organic Ice Cream shop, and H. enjoyed a blueberry mint ice cream cone. I shared the hibiscus agave sorbet with Laura, and Nathaniel royally lost out, as he fell asleep on the ride over. Sorry, little man! He’s lactose intolerant, anyway…one less bowel blow-out to “come see!” 

What else…hmm…am I loving anything lately? I love Froose juice boxes. It’s juice sweetened with rice syrup and containing organic rice flour, so that fiber and complex carbs are folded into the mix. Cherry is my fave. The kids like ‘em all. We enjoy them around the house, as we are into the waste-free lunch thing. So hey, Froosers, serve it up in big recyclable glass bottles, so that we can enjoy it guilt-free!

I bought bulbs for the first time…some white and peach Narcissus Bell Songs, peach-colored tulips, and crocuses with dark purple and white pin-striped petals and bright yellow pistils. Can’t wait to get those babies into the front yard! We also planted a butterfly bush and have some Russian Sages and a hyacinth plant to install…I may have a ton to do these days, but if I plant one thing, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

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