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Bonjour, Camille!

Bonjour, Camille!

Somewhere along the line, I didn’t end up raising my children in France. It was one of my single gal dreams. Didn’t quite work out, although the kids’ dad is half-French and he’s finally getting around to getting their EU citizenship squared away.

One of the ways that I make peace with raising them in Santa Fe, NM is selecting an item of clothing from Olive Juice Kids every now and then. Another way I make peace with it is consuming very large amounts of red and green chile (you cannot get that in France, and it would be very awkward to ask. I once tried to ask for Monistat 7 in high school French, avec the help of…pantomiming…in a Pharmacie in Paris, and it not only still makes me shudder with embarrassment, the clerk had no idea what I was talking about and I left empty-handed.)

Olive Juice has such great sales, although I don’t believe any are going on right now. When they do, you can really scoop up comfortable, darling items for girls and boys that don’t go near screen prints of dinosaurs, princesses, pop stars, tools, or dump trucks.

And the winner of my ultimate favorite Easter Dress contest is: the Annabelle Sweater Dress. It doesn’t come with a giant smock to guard the lovely thing from getting stained by chocolate, but that’s a worry for another day.

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