Oregon’s Wild Harvest: Herbal Giveaway Bonanza


Oregon’s Wild Harvest has organized a wonderfully abundant giveaway for A la Mama readers.

The first place winner will receive the Oregon’s Wild Harvest Herbal Stork Basket. That includes…

Maternal Sereni-Tea (1)

Fenugreek capsules-90 ct. (2)

St John’s Wort-Alcohol Free (1)
St. John's Wort - AF

Entire children’s line (1 of each of the following: Ear Drops, Echinacea-Orange Flavor, Echinacea-Raspberry Flavor, Echinacea Goldenseal-Orange Flavor, Tranquil Child, and Tummy Aid). These alcohol-free herbal products have been formulated especially for children using modified doses appropriate for the child. The 100% naturally flavored remedies are formulated to appeal to kids’ palates.
Kid Ear Drops
Children's Tummy Aid 1

Red Raspberry-.25lb (1)
Red Raspberry Leaf

Lavender Oil (1)
Lavender Oil

Happi-Tea (1)

Kids, Herbs, Health Book
Kids Herb Book

•Tea Accessories: Tea for Two gift set and Tea Steeper
Three additional individuals will win Oregon Wild Harvest’s Special-Tea collection:

•Maternal Sereni-Tea
Maternal Sereni-Tea





Here’s how you enter to win:

•Please leave a comment below with an answer to the following question: What is the most important factor to you when deciding to purchase one brand of herbal supplements, bulk herbs, herbal teas and/or spices over another brand and why?

•Click HERE to visit the Oregon’s Wild Harvest website.

•For a second chance to win, click HERE to go to the Oregon’s Wild Harvest Facebook page and become a fan; then come back and leave a second comment to tell me that you did.

And here’s a discount coupon code:

•For a limited time, Oregon’s Wild Harvest is offering a 20% discount for items purchased through their online store, so visit soon while discount applies. The coupon code is “Mothering.”

Information from Oregon’s Wild Harvest:

“Nestled in the foothills of Oregon’s majestic Mount Hood, our independently owned and operated farm is 100% certified organic and Biodynamic. Pursuing these certifications grew out of a passion for naturally healing the body and the earth. This holistic and sustainable approach delivers optimal levels of health for our soil, seeds, plants and you. This philosophy also extends to all our partnerships, ensuring that every ingredient we use comes from the best sources available. And because we responsibly process and package all the herbs right on our farm, we can guarantee that our products are the safest you can buy. The highest standards equal the best results!”

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132 thoughts on “Oregon’s Wild Harvest: Herbal Giveaway Bonanza”

  1. I prefer to buy organic herbal teas. That is one thing that will get me to choose one brand over another. Then it can also come down to taste.

  2. The deal breaker for me is usually whether its ingredients were harvested/processed in a sustainable and responsible manner. That and cost, I must admit.

  3. I always look for organic and the less processed the better. I like the ingredients to be just what I order. I like “Chamomile” to just be “Chamomile” and no addatives. I also like to know how the oils are made. Cold pressed and no alkaline or metal addations during the process of making it. Thanks.

  4. I definately prefer organic products because they are healthier for my family. Made in America is also important as well as taste.

  5. I think the purity and environment of the tea as it grows is vital to its life force, and I also seriously take into account the business ethics of the manufacturer.

  6. I definately prefer organic products because they are healthier for my family. Made in America is also important as well as taste. Also, how fresh the herbs are, if they are crushed, etc.

  7. I consider the reputation and mission of the company, as well as its size. Is the mission to make as much profit as possible, or provide quality, organic wholesome products to their customers? I think if the mission is sound, the quality of the products will come with it.

  8. I wish I could say price weren’t such a big factor, but it is. I do try my best to buy from companies that have good farming practices.

  9. My most important consideration is the safety and the purity of the herbs since they are going into my and my children’s bodies…

  10. Price and purity are the number one factors in my book! Because I can always count on a trusted brand to deliver the most powerful effets.

  11. Usually I have to buy what I can find at the grocery store, rather than going to a specialty shop. I just don’t have time to run all over town- also price is a factor, i have to be honest! If it weren’t a factor I’d say that I trust my friends’ opinions of the products and often search online for reviews, too! But I LOVE these products for lots of reasons!
    .-= Tori´s last blog ..a new thing… =-.

  12. I look for quality products and companies that help the earth. I also look at price, even though I wish I didn’t have to!!

  13. Several factors go in to deciding which products I buy: I look at quality of the product (organic, natural, etc.), qunatity and price (how much do I get for the price I’m going to pay), where the product is manufactured (local vs imported), as well as how readily available/accessible the product is (do I have to order it online vs. being able to go to the local market).
    .-= Jayme´s last blog .. =-.

  14. I have visited your website as well as your facebook page. You have a lot of great information! Thanks for sharing!

    .-= Jayme´s last blog .. =-.

  15. When choosing teas, herbs or other products I consider organically and sustainably grown to be very important. I also consider the quality of the product and the reputation and manufacturing practices of the company. It’s important to provide myself and my family the best possible products as well as provide my children with good examples such as fair trade, environmentally friendly practices etc.
    .-= Julie Buck´s last blog ..At Denver Family Consulting our goal is to provide guidance education and support for you to: =-.

  16. What is the most important factor to you when deciding to purchase one brand of herbal supplements, bulk herbs, herbal teas and/or spices over another brand and why?

    it’s definitely important to me that they be organic – and that they have no additives. i would prefer to buy local, when possible, but if not, i try to ensure the companies are ethical. price is also important – i am more than fine with really simple packaging, as i want to pay for the product, not what it’s wrapped in.

  17. When selecting a brand? First I look for organic brands. Then I may ask a store associate what would they recommend. After that, it all comes down to price.

  18. The most important values to me are being organic and true to their stated potency…standardized. Also of great importance is that their be quality research to back up the efficacy and results of their use.

  19. I often listen to what my Natropathic doc recommends, and then also look at organic items. I love Oregon’s Wild Harvest products! Thanks.

  20. My entire choice in who to choose for herbals is based upon true potency. What good will it do me to spend money on something that is not as effective as it should or could be? Value for the dollar is also important, but #1 is the effectiveness of the product.
    .-= sara – The Estrogen Files´s last blog ..ObamaCare Abortion Facts =-.

  21. I always look for something local first. That way it supports the surrounding community and small businesses. If there isn’t a local option, I choose organic. If there is no organic option, I will look into whether or not i really want to purchase the product.

  22. I usually only go with a brand I know to be reputable when buying my herbs. I love Oregon Harvest and really appreciate that most of their capsules do not have a lot of extra junk in them (magnesium sterate etc.). I prefer to buy organic too, of course.

  23. When I choose an herbal supplement, I usually choose one based on recommendations from people who already use the product.

  24. I choose based on a few things: organic or wild harvested is my first preference, then affordability, and word of mouth.

  25. I like to see if the herbs are coming from a company that is run by or employs people who really know what they are talking about – I’d prefer to buy from someone who can help answer my questions and guide my choices when I am looking for help. If they are growing or producing the herbs to meet their own standards for what they use themselves and are using the herbs for their families, I feel assured about the quality.

  26. Organic is important, but as someone on a budget, cost is a very important factor for me. If one item is more costly, I may either choose not to purchase that item or forgo other items in order to get the first or go with a cheaper brand altogether.

    (I will also admit that I am a marketing person’s dream as I attract towards appealing ads, labels, backstory, etc. and I am extremely brand loyal.)

  27. I research the brands and look for organic as well as guaranteed potency as well as recommendations from oth like minded individuals.

  28. I will usually look for a brand that I’ve bought before – and trust. Then I look at the ingredients and make a decision based on that…so many brands have “filler” ingredients so I try and buy as pure as possible.

  29. The most important factor for me is first if it’s organic and a reputable company and then the price and customer service.

  30. I “liked” your facebook page. I’m really happy to have been introduced to your company and I loved your website. So much great info.!

  31. Organic is a priority for me, as is purity of ingredients (no unneccessary additives), but the biggest thing I look for when shopping for herbal supplements is trustworthy information based on real research and/or long, well-documented traditions. Nothing irritates me more than when companies make all kinds of unsubstantiated claims about their products. If I get a “too-good-to-be-true” vibe, I run the other way! 🙂

  32. I look at reviews from other customers, to see that they’ve been happy with their purchase from a brand, and heed their recommendations.

  33. Just became a fan on your FB! As a Waldorf Parent, I buy anything Biodynamic when available. I fully understand how it is different than organic farming, & can taste the difference in Biodynamically grown fruits & vegetables or herbs & milk. They taste 3 times more flavorful & better quality to regular Organically grown produce!! Yay! Biodynamic is THE way to go!!

  34. Generally I take peoples suggestions on what brands are good- I buy what I have heard my friends talk highly about. If I don’t have any recommandations then I usually buy whatever is the cheapest.

  35. I try to buy from local, responsible companies. I want to be sure that the products I give to my kiddos are natural and organic. Is very important to me that the company has a very deep commiment to keep the planet healthy and to offer education to people that doesn’t know about nature’s remedies.

  36. Buying organic/sustainable is most important; freshness/local product & packaging are important too! To me, cost is far less important than actual product impact/value. What an amazing prize package!

  37. Our bodies are sacred temples and need to be treated as such. I strive for quality, local, organic products, and sometimes that means paying a little extra, but for the health and well being of my family, it is sooooo worth it!

  38. I look for organic, sustainably harvested products that are grown locally. I like to purchase herbs that are grown in the U.S. as opposed to those grown in 3rd world countries.

  39. Reputation is important to me, especially when I have to buy through the mail. I like to buy locally when possible, and being organic is very important, also.

  40. The important factor when I deciding to purchase herbal supplements, and or bulk herb and products, is I look for local, sustainable, and organic. First before i purchase it must have one or all of the above.

  41. I like to buy local and FRESH! I like farms like Oregon’s Wild Harvest because they have tours of their farms, and are very freindly. I do like to get to know the people growing and harvesting and processing my medicine.

  42. I consider a # of factors-

    are there additives/preservatives

    is it local

    is it fresh

    is it organic

    is it affordable

    where was it manufactured/produced

    is the packaging eco friendly

    do I know anyone who has enjoyed the product and recommended it

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