Owwwww. And perspective.


family portraitTim and I just put our boy on a plane back to Scotland, and I am feeling the ache. A huge hole in my gut and in our house.

As I was walking back to the office, though, I got hit by a big surprising wave of perspective: But, wait. Reeve is independent, on his own now, and . . . potty-trained! And he falls asleep at night by himself! He plays well with others, and when he eats spaghetti, he no longer tosses the noodles onto his head but uses silverware and puts the stuff right into his mouth! He (often) says please and thank you and doesn’t complain about homework or throw candy fits in grocery store checkout aisles. He’s smart and funny and compassionate and cheery and somehow fully capable of getting himself across the ocean and back, fully equipped to get an education and pursue his passion and grow into a fuller version of the person he’s already kinda been all along.

Photo: A favorite family portrait from a visit five years ago to a place we love, the crumbling town of Vaughn, New Mexico. The boy already looking off in a different direction. . .


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