Oxford Study Says Homebirth and Midwifery Care Safe and Cheaper Option

Homebirth and MidwiferyThe Guardian reported today that, according to an Oxford University study, homebirth may be a safe and cheaper option for women in England.


The study examined 64,000 births in England between 2008 and 2010 and determined that encouraging low risk moms to deliver at home or in a midwifery center could save the NHS money without sacrificing care.


Royal College of Midwives deputy general secretary, Louise Silverton, said:


This and other research points out the substantial benefits of midwife-led care: it is better for mothers and babies, it is better for midwives and it is better for the NHS.


However, we are still seeing 96% of births taking place in hospitals and this underlines the need to make a fundamental change in the way we deliver maternity services in this country.


Read the story on The Guardian website

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