Birth Videos Are Not Gross

  There has been some media attention lately on the subject of the birth video.  More and more women are choosing to professionally photograph or record their birth experience.   I was really saddened by some of the comments on some of the mainstream media

Herbal Treatments for Group B

Ideally, you will begin treatment at about 32 weeks, on confirmation of the presence of beta-strep in a vaginal culture, a urine sample that showed beta-strep, or a rectal sample. (Some doctors will do both a vaginal and rectal swab.) Treatment will include taking

Music for New Mamas

By Taz Tagore Web Exclusive – September 1, 2009   Music, like birth, is an enigma. Neuroscientists can’t pin down a specific part of the brain that is dedicated to music. Music moves like an apparition through our brain, lighting up neural circuits here,

Heavenly Scents

Your sense of smell is heightened during pregnancy. You may be intensely attracted to some odors and strongly repelled by others. To keep the air in your home or office appealing, use an aromatic diffuser or simply place a few drops of essential oil