Pakistani Kima Stir Fry

By Katie, Wellness Mama Pakistani Kima is an Indian Beef Curry recipe with delicious flavor and aroma. The spices are very fragrant and the mixture of vegetables adds color and taste complexity. Even if you aren’t a fan of Curries or Indian dishes, you

Breastfeeding Champion: Tom Hale

  Thomas Hale, PhD, is a leading international authority on breastfeeding and drugs. He has educated an entire generation of lactation consultants about drug use in breastfeeding women, teaching them that women can safely breastfeed while taking medications.   Hale holds a doctorate in

Kitchen Rituals: Everyday Magic

Do you believe in the importance of rituals? I do. I’m not talking about religious services necessarily but the repetitive actions that bind us to our history and humanity; the kind that help us stay grounded and present in our gadget-rich, consumer-driven, busy busy