Case Against Circumcision

By Paul M. Fleiss Issue 85, Winter 1997 In one of our most-requested articles, Mothering explores why circumcision is hardly ever necessary, and how parents can empower themselves to avoid ceding to the “claims” of the billion-dollar-a-year circumcision industry. Western countries have no tradition

Jewish and Not Circumcising

By Stacey Greenberg Web Exclusive   In the land before children, my husband and I had many a circumcision debate over dinner and drinks with friends. I always humored him as he made the comparison between circumcision and female genital mutilation, secretly knowing that

Heal a Child’s Nightmares

By Nadine Epstein Web Exclusive   At age six, my son Noah was having recurrent nightmares. As a toddler, he had witnessed several violent incidents that continued to haunt him in his dreams. We tried everything. I helped him keep a journal called GO

Peggy Dreams of Pickles

  When I was girl, I was fascinated by the big crock of delicious dill pickles my Grandma kept in her basement. I’ve always wanted to make pickles like my grandmother, and when I saw pickling (Kirby) cucumbers in the co-op last week, I