Bed of Roses

By Stephanie Nakhleh Cosleeping was no fun at first. Instead of the nighttime bliss I’d been promised by attachment-parenting enthusiasts, my baby often acted like a nocturnal animal — prowling the sheets in the wee hours, howling for no clear reason. I felt cheated.

Vaccine Exemptions Under Attack

  Earlier this month the New Mexico Department of Health announced that it was changing the childhood vaccine exemption form. New Mexico allows medical and religious exemptions to vaccines and, according to the Department of Health,   The old form did not require written

Juggling Career and Home

By Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner Issue 117, March – April 2003 For a long time it was assumed that professional success, power, and full-time motherhood were mutually exclusive, and women who took time out of their careers to parent were seen as leaving professional life forever.

Why They Whine

Why They Whine: How Corporations Prey on our Children By Gary Ruskin Web Exlusive   Cheryl Idell knows a lot about nagging.   She has written reports for major corporations with such titles as the “Nag Factor” and “The Art of Fine Whining.” She

Cutting Kids

By Karen Burka Issue 132, September/October 2005   Routine infant circumcision continues to be the most commonly performed surgery on children in the US, with about 1.2 million newborn boys circumcised each year.1 The US also continues to be the only industrialized nation that circumcises