Cloud Appreciation Time

  It’s summer. Time to lounge around doing nothing more than gazing at clouds. It’s relaxing, amusing, and completely free.   The traditional spot to indulge in this pleasurable activity is sitting in the grass. Better yet, lying on the grass. Stay there as clouds drift

Faces of Mothering

The Mothering Community is incredibly diverse, filled with people from around the world and in various stages of parenting and a variety of family living choices. We invited our community members to post photos of beautiful and poignant moments in their lives to share with us

Bed Time!

  For many mothers, these words bring a mixture of joy and dread.  Joy at the thought of a chance to sit down and rest, or possibly to do things they otherwise couldn’t do with little ones around.  At the same time, many mothers

Father: In His Own Right

        Men don’t get enough attention during pregnancy and early parenthood. Expected to be the tower of strength for their partners, new fathers are, in fact, having their own unique and challenging experience.   Athropologist E. B. Taylor used the term couvade