Whooping Cough

Straight Talk on the 100-Day Cough by Lauren Feder, MD Issue 164 January-February 2011   Please see the accompanying article by Dr. Jay Gordon for more information on whooping cough and the pertussis vaccine. You can also purchase this article along with “The Problem with

What Should I Watch For?

By Philip Incao “What should I watch for?” is a question I am often asked by mothers when their children are working through an acute inflammatory illness. Many mothers don’t trust themselves to be able to discern the difference between a routine illness that

Three in a Bed

By Deborah Jackson Issue 98, January/February 2000   My bed feels somewhat empty now. I lie scrunched up in one corner, like a kitten in an oversized basket, and I wonder how it came to this. My husband, Paul, is away again, working on

Planning for a Calm Birth

When you hear the words calm birth, do you picture a zen-like setting?  Do you imagine experiencing as little labor pain as possible or having a birth that follows a scripted plan? Ready for a surprise? Studies show that your confidence in yourself and