Plan to Feel

How do you want to feel this week?   Stop and think about it right now.   Close your eyes and take a good in-breath/out-breath if it helps. {It will help.}   What would feel really, really, good to feel?   Connected. Free. Light.

Creamy Asparagus Soup (non-dairy)

(Benjamin Franklin amuses Jane) A revitalizing dairy-free  soup using fresh, local asparagus, cumin and dill.  Fun way to utilize asparagus.  Serve it hot or cold.  Want to print the recipe?  Click here. About Cynthia Lair Cynthia Lair’s web cooking show Cookus Interruptus brings humor

What Boys Need

            It was supposed to be one of those rare weekends when my husband and I would get a brief break from parenting our three small children. Lord knows we love them, but we were in serious need of

Midwifing Future Midwives

By Mai Ling Slaughter 05/15/2011   It was the activist in Suzy Myers that first attracted her to the field of midwifery, and as she’s helped bring nearly 2,000 babies into this world, that activist has remained vigilant.   “When I first got involved in

The French Male Midwife

By Barbara Thomas Issue 143 – July/August 2007     There are planned homebirths and, occasionally, unplanned homebirths. Mine was somewhere in between. My daughter, Ingrid, was born at home in Lyon, France, in the company of two men: my French husband and our