Pamper Your Pregnant Self

By Amy Buringrud Web Exclusive   I’m just about to cross over into the third trimester of my first pregnancy, and I’m not sure where the first two went. Juggling the demands of a home-based business, an active social calendar, volunteer obligations, and nearly

Diapering Naturally

Cloth Diaper How-to: A Video Resource Section   This video resource is a web exclusive addition to the feature article “The Diaper Dilemma” in the May/June 2010 issue of Mothering magazine. To read the article, and accompanying resources, order a digital subscription or a

Apricot Frangipane Tart

May and June are the ideal months to head to your local farmer’s market and buy seasonal fruits, such as apricots, berries, figs, and cherries. Here is just one way to add those summer fruits to a weekend brunch. Crust: 1 1/4 cups flour

Breastfeeding Action Guide

  Photo of Coral Charles-Dunne, 91, by Nick Wilkinson Do you ever wonder what you can do to protect breastfeeding? Are you or do you want to become a breastfeeding advocate? Whether it’s breastfeeding in public, breastfeeding and working, breastfeeding and jury duty, pumping

Thai Steak Salad

(Ginger causes two pies worth of trouble) Spring is the time to load your plate with greens.  Refreshing, cleansing and energizing. Try this recipe.  Lime, cilantro, garlic and some heat rubbed into some grass fed beef.  Medium rare strips served over salad with cucumber. 

Great Cloth Diaper Change

This Saturday, April 21st, is the second annual Great Cloth Diaper Change. We’re going for the world record again. Here’s how you can be involved: 1. Read our blogs about the Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC). 2. Look at the GCDC interactive map and Find