Car Seats are for Cars

By Catherine McKenzie Issue 136 – May/June 2006 “You know, you’re the only mother here who doesn’t carry her baby in a car seat,” commented the receptionist at my midwife’s office. My daughter was several weeks old at the time, and I’d left her

Homemade Tortillas

This is a recipe that I grew up on. My mom always made these homemade tortillas. Store bought just isn’t the same. They are so easy to make and wonderful 1 cup flour 1/4 tsp. salt 1/2 cup cornmeal 1 egg 1 1/2 cup

Colors of Love

By Francis Wardle Issue 96, September/October 1999 It was twenty-two years ago that my first child was born. While the typical anxieties of a first-time father preoccupied me then, I later realized this was also the start of another, parallel adventure. When I walked

Crossing Tracks

Crossing Tracks with Skater Boy By Amber J. KeyserWeb Exclusive – February 11, 2008  Snow fell softly. I was cross-country skiing on the Virginia Meissner Trail at Mt. Bachelor, one of North America’s premier skiing destinations. Gliding along in a steady rhythm, I was

Shine the Light

Shine the Light: Love and Music Bring Strength to a Young Girl By Tina Traster February 02, 2012 I heard her calling “Mommy, Mommy” before I opened the door. She tore off the school bus as though it were on fire. “I tried out

What is Love?

  Like most of us, I have long pondered the meaning of love. As a young woman, I equated love with sad poems and tragic romantic scenarios. Now I see love as an action rather than a feeling. In The Road Less Traveled, M. Scott