Midwifing Future Midwives

By Mai Ling Slaughter 05/15/2011   It was the activist in Suzy Myers that first attracted her to the field of midwifery, and as she’s helped bring nearly 2,000 babies into this world, that activist has remained vigilant.   “When I first got involved in

The French Male Midwife

By Barbara Thomas Issue 143 – July/August 2007     There are planned homebirths and, occasionally, unplanned homebirths. Mine was somewhere in between. My daughter, Ingrid, was born at home in Lyon, France, in the company of two men: my French husband and our

My Life As A Nursing Mom

My Life As A Nursing Mom  By Kay Bolden Issue 119, July/August 2003   My son’s first birthday loomed, and I braced myself for battle. Grandparents and aunts, in-laws and cousins, neighbors and friends-all descended upon us, all demanding to know when, when, WHEN

Vegan Dressing

By Chef Al, The Institute for Culinary Awakening   Recently the Mothering staff was treated to a gourmet Vegan lunch prepared by Chef Al at The Institute for Culinary Awakening. This is one of our favorite items from this wonderful dining experience. 2 oz

Sunny Coleslaw

  By Cathe Olson   This low-carb salad is simple to make–great for barbecues and picnics. 3 cups shredded red or green cabbage (or a mixture) 2 carrots, shredded 1/2 cup sunflower seeds, toasted 2 tablespoons mayonnaise (regular or vegan) 1/4 cup yogurt (dairy

Succulent Supper Salad

By Cynthia Lair of Cookus Interruptus   Served with soup and/or bread and a spread, you have a most satisfying meal. I’ve used romaine, spinach and arugula, but any combination of wild greens and salad greens works fine. Salad: 1/2 head Romaine lettuce 1