Great Cloth Diaper Change

This Saturday, April 21st, is the second annual Great Cloth Diaper Change. We’re going for the world record again. Here’s how you can be involved: 1. Read our blogs about the Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC). 2. Look at the GCDC interactive map and Find

Family Stories : Coming Together

  My daughter, Zinnia has four sets of Grandparents, and one set of Great Grandparents spread out over three states. Add to that the fact that my husband’s brother’s family is in yet a different state, and my sister’s family is in another country and you

Charlotte’s Grace

By Carol McMurrich Issue 141 – March/April 2007 Tomorrow, my daughter, Charlotte, will turn two. On the eve of this anniversary, I find myself contemplating my mothering journey, humbly marveling at how such a tiny child has changed me so profoundly and permanently. I

Real Boys Play with Dolls

By Joel TroxellIssue 151-November/December 2008 It began when our son was a few months old. We were at the shore for a summer vacation and had found some artsy shops not far from the beach. In one store, my wife, Amanda, approached me, grinning,

For Reals

By Ruth Bullock Web Exclusive   I had a free afternoon but could find no one available to meet me for a cup of coffee. I was bemoaning my frustration when my daughter Kathryn spoke up. “Can I go for coffee with you, Mom?”

Choice is a Red Herring

    Like cigarette smoking, breastfeeding is a public health issue, not a freedom of choice issue. Obviously, US women feel free to choose not to breastfeed; most of them do. If women were actually intimidated into breastfeeding, we would have a breastfeeding culture.