Web Exclusive – May 30, 2008 By Amanda Dumenigo I knew that I wanted to breastfeed my baby, but I wondered if the lactation consultants, educational sites, instructional videos, La Leche league, and the rest of the somewhat overwhelming array of resources were necessary.

Getting Started With Cloth Diapers

Getting Started with Cloth Diapers By Theresa Rodriguez Farrisi Want to use cloth diapers but have questions? Check out this simple Q & A. Then discover more on using cloth in the Mothering Forums.  It costs about the same to use cloth and disposables, right?

The Homeopathic Approach to Epidemics

by Amy L. Lansky, PhD (for more information about homeopathy, visit While the homeopathic treatment of disease is almost always an individualized process, it is fortunate that the treatment of epidemics is usually more straightforward and streamlined. Indeed, it is the success of

Mother Wit

By Tanika E. Simpson Issue 126, September/October 2004 When I hear such phrases as “follow your instinct” or “go with your gut,” I am reminded of many times in grade school when, taking a test, I would change my first answer to a question”

Steel Cut Oats

(Steve boldly alters the recipe) What are most American breakfasts missing?  Fiber, fat and protein.  Not on Cookus Interruptus.  Man up to a big bowl of hot oat cereal in the morning. Add raisins, nuts or do it the Steve way with peanut butter.

Monday Hearts for Madalene

  Image: Page Hodel   A heart-shaped anything used to seem overly sentimental, even mawkish, to me until I encountered those created by Page Hodel. Her hearts are ephemeral and made from the unexpected, things like chile peppers, paper clips, postage stamps, kumquats, metal