Aluminum in Vaccines

By Robert W. SearsIssue 146, January/February 2008 Vaccines have become the most controversial parenting topic of the decade. When parents are considering whether or not to vaccinate their children, one of the things that must be considered is aluminum toxicity. Aluminum is added to

Our Favorite Board Games

I love board games, always have. We played cards and board games when I was growing up and the tradition has continued with my own family. When my children were teens, I made Sunday a mandatory family day and we would often play board

Legendary Learners

    What drives big thinkers, creators, and leaders who achieve success on their own terms? Jamie McMillin wanted to find out, hoping her quest would help her raise and educate her own two children. She delved into biographies of luminaries including Margaret Mead,

Am I Pregnant?

What are the early signs of pregnancy? Thousands of women come to every day to ask this question. BREAST CHANGES One of the first things many women notice when they become pregnant is breast changes. Breasts can be sore, swollen, or heavy feeling.

Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say

Hits hilariously close to home. About Laura Grace Weldon Laura Grace Weldon is a writer, editor, conflict resolution educator, and marginally useful farm wench. She is the author of Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything. She lives with her family on Bit of

Facebook Censors Nude Breastfeeding Photos

    Documents recently leaked to Gawker confirm what the breastfeeding community has always suspected. In the leaked “Abuse Standards Violation” document, Facebook employees are specifically directed to delete images of “Mothers breastfeeding without clothes,” and “Naked children…” Facebook has been widely criticized for