Homebirth in Holland

By Maura Kikstra, as told to Sandra GaffiganIssue 144 – September/October 2007 “You know, they’re medieval here,” a Swedish friend told me. We were both from other countries, had Dutch husbands, and were pregnant in Holland. My friend ended up scheduling a cesarean section

Guard Against Gardasil

By Elissa Mendenhall Issue 142 – May/June 2007 In September 2006, the State of Michigan approved two measures to require girls entering the sixth grade to be vaccinated with Gardasil, the new vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV). Touted as the “anti-cancer vaccine,” Gardasil is

Cosleeping is Twice as Safe

By Tina Kimmel Issue 114 September/October 2002 The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA, the crib manufacturers’ lobby) recently launched a campaign to discourage parents from placing infants in adult beds or sleeping with them, based on data

Complexity of Parent Child Cosleeping

By Kathleen Dyer Ramos Issue 114 September/October 2002 Controversies concerning parent-child cosleeping abound in both the popular parenting advice literature and professional scientific literature. Previous researchers have suggested that an understanding of the familial and cultural context of children’s sleep might help resolve some

Bedsharing in Britain

By Helen L. Ball Web Exclusive Much has been written about the pros and cons of parent-infant bedsharing, but why parents sleep with their babies has not been the subject of much research. In order to explore this and other aspects of bedsharing, researchers

Breast is Best

Issue 144 – May/June 2009By Peggy O’Mara, Editor & Publisher of Mothering Magazine Yesterday I received an e-mail, signed “Wavering Somewhat,” from the nursing mom of a 26-month-old daughter. The mom had read Hanna Rosin’s “The Case Against Breast-Feeding,” an article published in the

Medications and Breastfeeding

By Thomas W. HaleIssue 111 March/April 2002 The decision to prescribe medication for a breastfeeding mother is one of the most contentious areas in the clinical practice of medicine. For legal reasons alone, most manufacturers and many physicians advise patients to discontinue breastfeeding while

7 tiny big life shifters

The past few years have been about deep healing for me – bod’, psyche, bank account, relationships…relating…creating. Change can be radical but the steps to healing are usually small >> sequential >> interconnected. This is how some of it came together for me. I: