A “good” baby

Here in the UK many people ask new mothers, “Is he good?”  They’re referring to the baby: is the baby good, they want to know.  What they mean is: does he sleep through the night?  Does he cry?  Does he make a fuss?  Being

Sibling Rivalry

Well, we didn’t fight ALL the time. It could start any number of ways, but it was clearly always my sister Erin’s fault. (Says the first-born child.) She might sit too close to me. She might eat a big spoonful of peanut butter and

Bad Hair Month

By Deborah Lytton Web Exclusive, July 24, 2006 During my pregnancy with my first child, I wasn’t one of those women with issues about her changing body. I embraced my new self, I gloried in it. I marveled at my growing roundness, my hands

Celebrating Our Bodies

Celebrating Our Glorious Goddess Bodies By Janet Lucy “Mommy, do you ever think about being thinner?” my ten-year-old daughter, Sarah, asked from the back seat of the car one morning on our way to school. Once I got past my initial thought that perhaps

I Watch My Daughter

By Amy Costales Issue 133, November/December 2005 I watch my daughter. Siempre la he mirado. (I have always watched her.) Since the morning the nurse held a mirror between my splayed legs so I could get teasing, myopic glimpses of her fuzzy black hair,

Turn Off TV. Turn on Life.

By Ann Vorisek White Web Exclusive The average American child watches four hours of television every day, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.1 Videotapes and video games add to the amount of time children spend staring at a screen. How does all this