Painting Your Fears Away

pregnant woman paintingLate pregnancy is a time when fears may resurface, and art is the perfect medium to address challenging emotions. Gather together five small sheets of paper, an envelope to hold them, some inexpensive finger paints, and several large pieces of paper.

Choose some open-ended time when you won’t be interrupted for awhile. On the small pieces of paper, write down five things that you are afraid of at this time in your pregnancy. Use just a few words or a title that signifies the fear, then fold the papers and place them into an envelope.

When you’re ready to paint, draw a slip of paper at random from the envelope. Paint your interpretation of this fear with the finger paints, using a large piece of finger painting paper. Hang it to dry. Paint another. Paint as many as you like.
Let the paintings dry for three days. Look at them as they dry. Then take them down. Place them in a fireplace, a wood stove, or a pit outside, and burn them. Don’t stand and watch them burn. Turn and walk away as soon as they are in flames.

Come back later and gather some of the ashes in a small container. In early labor, throw the ashes to the wind. As you do, consciously throw your fears away and surrender to the birth as it comes.

This method of painting your fears away can be practiced for any sources of stress or fear in your life – even long after birth.