Parenting Books I Read in 2010

To be honest, I didn’t read as much parenting books last year as I have in previous years. I thought for sure I had read more. However, I did read a multitude of non-parenting books. Yes, the list below is short. I read more parenting articles and blog posts than books, I think.

What were some of the best parenting/non-parenting books you read last year?

Raising Good Readers

Dr. Richard Gentry

Joy of Mindful Sex

Claudia Blake

(not necessarily “parent-lit”, but interesting, nontheless :) )

The Caterpillar and the Express Train

Jeremy Foster-Fell & Matthew Gauvin

(a review book, children’s)

The Mominatrix’s Guide to Sex

Kristen Chase


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Kris Underwood is the Social Media Manager at Hunger Mountain (Vermont College of Fine Arts). Poetry has appeared in several publications including MotherVerse, and Poetry Midwest. I read books & write about them on my blog sometimes.

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