Parents As Partners Forum Purpose And Posting Guidelines

The Parents As Partners forum was established to provide discussion of parenting issues that arise between partners. Over time the forum took an increased focus of discussion of sex and venting about one’s partner as an individual. As this was not the intention in hand a redirection is now necessary.

We recognize that dynamics between partners do affect the environment in which we are raising children and we can appreciate that a discussion forum can be a wonderful way to put one’s personal problems with a partner out there for advice and support. As such, we have decided to open the forum to discussions of relationship issues but we require that you abide by some guidelines. The heavy venting and bashing about the partner has gotten extreme and in many cases it lead to more drama and concern when the member’s partner joined MDC to post in defense. So we ask that members use the forum to discuss partner relationship issues as a sincere seeking of support. Convey the issue, being as fair and balanced as possible with respect for your partner, seeking advice and resolution ideas.

We will not host threads of discussion that are merely a vent about the negative habits and actions of one’s partner. Please respect your partner’s privacy and do not convey something that he or she would be offended or hurt by, or that would be a defamation of character.

We will also not host discussions of sex in this forum. Mothering has long been adamant that discussions of sex are not something that it will host beyond the few topics that are inherent to Mothering’s focus here as a web presence, such as intercourse during pregnancy, after birth, sex and the family bed, the sexuality of breasts as a breastfeeding issue, discussing sex with our children, and so on. Please post those threads to the relevant forum for the topic.

With these guidelines in mind, the Parents as Partners forum is reopened for posting. Past threads have been moved to an archive forum and we will eventually remove all threads that are against our new guidelines from that forum and place acceptable threads here in the main forum. We have also placed a viewing access restriction on the forum so that you must be a member for 60 days and have 50 posts before you can see the forum or post to it.

We hope these changes and guidelines will help us maintain the integrity of the forum, create a comfortable atmosphere for discussion, and allow our community a venue to help resolve parents as partners issues.

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