Peer Reviewed Autism Studies

Laboratory workPresented in evidence at the June 19, 2002 Congressional Hearing, “The Status of Research into Vaccine Safety and Autism”

Key Publications by Wakefield/O’Leary groups

1. Wakefield AJ, Murch SH, Anthony A, Linnell J, Casson DM, Malik M, et al. Ileal LNH, non-specific colitis and pervasive developmental disorder in children. Lancet 1997; 351: 637-641

2. Wakefield AJ, Anthony A, Murch SH, Thomson M, Montgomery SM, Davies S, et al. Enterocolitis in children with developmental disorder. American Journal of Gastroenterology 2000; 95:2285-2295

3. Furlano RI, Anthony A, Day R, Brown A, McGavery L, Thomson MA, et al. Colonic CD8 and yo T cell infiltration with epithelial damage in children with autism. Journal of Pediatrics 2001; 138:366-372

4. Torrente F, Machado N, Ashwood P, et al. Enteripathy with T cell infiltration and epithelial lgG deposition in autism. Molecular Psychiatry 2002; 7:375-382

5. Uhlmann V, Martin CM, Shiels O, Pilkington L, Silva I, Lillalea A, Murch SH, Wakefield AJ, O’Leary JJ. Potential viral pathogenic mechanism for new variant inflammatory bowel disease. Molecular Pathology 2002; 55:1-6

6. Kawashima H, Takayuki M, Kashiwagi Y, Takekuma K, Hoshika A, Wakefield, AJ. Detection and sequencing of measles virus from peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with inflammatory bowel disease and autism. Digestive Diseases and Sciences 2000; 45:723-729

7. Wakefield AJ, Montgomery SM. Measles, mumps, rubella vaccine: through a glass, darkly. Adverse Drug Reactions & Toxicological Reviews 2000; 19:265-283

8. Wakefield AJ, Montgomery SM, Autism, viral infection and measles mumps rubella vaccination. Israeli Medical Association Journal 1999; 1:183-187

9. Wakefield AJ, Puleston J, Montgomery SM, Anthony A, O’Leary JJ, Murch SH. Review article: the concept of entero-colonic encephalopathy, autism and opioid receptor ligands. Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2002; 16:663-674

10. Shiels O, Smyth P, Martin C, O’Leary JJ. Development of an allelic discrimination type assay to differentiate between strain origins of measles virus detected in intestinal tissue of children with ileocolonic lymphonodular hyperplasia and concomitant developmental disorder. Pathological Society of Great Britian and Ireland. Journal of Pathology 2002.A20

11. Wakefield AJ, Anthony A. Clinical characteristics of children with autism and entero-colitis comparing recipients of one and more that one measles-containing vaccine (submitted).

Publications by others

1. a. Singh V, Lin S, Yang V. Serological association of measles virus and human herpesvirus-6 with brain autoantibodies in autism. Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology 1998; 89:105-108

2. a. Singh V. Neuro-immunopathogenesis in Autism. 2001. New Foundations of Biology. Berczi I & Gorczynski RM (eds) Elsevier Science B.V. pp447-458

3. a. Horvath K, Papadimitriou JC, Rabsztyn A, Drachenberg C, Tildon JT. Gastrointestinal abnormalities in children with autism. Journal of Pediatrics 1999; 135:559-563

For more information on vaccines see the Mothering Reprint: Vaccines: Mercury, Autism and Chronic Disease

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