Pens, Pencils and Highlighters Oh My! 6 Eco Options for Back to School

This special section was created by natural product expert Amy Serotkin of The Mindful Home as part of Mothering’s Ultimate Green Guide to Back to School Supplies. Check it out for many more eco-friendly, made in the USA picks for back to school.

Little changes make a big difference. Choosing sustainable alternatives to even the most minor items is a great way to help kids celebrate our earth all year long. Here are some of our best picks for eco-friendly pens, pencils and highlighters.

Lyra brand pencils are held in high regard by many parents for their exceptional color and break resistant, long-lasting qualities.  These are unlaquered, certified non-toxic, and are MADE IN GERMANY.

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KUM Pencil Sharpener

Skip the plastic and opt for these high quality beechwood pencil sharpeners by KUM instead.  With 2 holes and high carbon steel blades, they are long-lasting and sharp.  MADE IN GERMANY

Pens, mechanical pencils and these double ended highlighters are all made by Zebra Eco out of recycled post consumer waste.  According to email verification, their “Eco” products are MADE IN JAPAN.

Buffalo Natur has a large selection of writing implements in a variety of eco friendly materials.  From bamboo mechanical pencils to pens made of corn based plastic, Buffalo Natur produces all kinds of school supplies.

These #2 cedar pencils are MADE IN THE USA.

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FSC certified cedar #2 pencils MADE IN TAIWAN


About Amy Serotkin

Amy Serotkin is dedicated to sustainable living and finding ways to eliminate toxins in her home.  She is an avid organic gardener and cook, and is always looking for more ways to challenge herself to lessen her family’s ecological imprint.

Her website,, shares with consumers the information she’s found on toxins and eco friendly products that help eliminate disposables or toxin exposure.  She also hopes to highlight smaller retailers, crafters and manufacturers.

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