Personal Growth Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Personal Growth Forum!

The Personal Growth forum is one of support, respectful requests for information and insight and the sharing of ideas and experiences regarding members’ personal emotional well-being and other personal concerns. Discussion in Personal Growth often encompasses non-parenting aspects of our personal lives as we strive to grow, gain greater self-awareness and find balance as individuals.

This forum was set up to provide members with information and support as we navigate our own personal paths. To uphold the purpose this forum will not host discussions of debate. Respectful disagreement is permitted and alternative points of view are welcome, however, please note that posts that are reported as hurtful, lecturing or telling others what is wrong with them may be removed for the protection and comfort of other posters, regardless of intent.

Please make sure your posts are in accordance with the MDC User Agreement. Thank you for your contributions, sensitivity and help with maintaining a comfortable space to explore personal issues. Please PM a forum moderator with any questions

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