Photo of Mom Smoking Weed While Breastfeeding Sparks Outrage

The photo of Kayla Marlowe nursing her baby while smoking weed has many thinking: "What in the world?!"One photo of a nursing mother has sparked some anger on the Internet, but it’s not because she’s breastfeeding — it’s because she’s smoking marijuana while doing it.

The photo of Kayla Marlowe nursing her baby while taking a hit off a marijuana bong has many, including myself, going: “What in the world?!”

Marlowe is from Portland, Oregon, where smoking marijuana recreationally is legal, and she posted the picture in a group of like-minded cannabis supporting parents on Facebook. She told the group she needed a safe place to share the beautiful picture.

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Some people said that her doing this was no different than someone drinking a beer or smoking a cigarette while nursing (ummm), and other commenters said they’ve also smoked weed while nursing their babies.

To each their own, right? In a land full of freedoms to do things regardless of whether they are good for you or not, who’s to say she’s wrong?

Apparently lots of people. Once the picture was posted, a storm of, “WTF?” comments went viral and Marlowe even removed her Facebook profile. Most comments were judging the use of marijuana so close to the baby — both the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advise against using marijuana while breastfeeding.

Science already shows that secondhand smoke from marijuana can damage heart and blood vessels. Other research suggests that breastfed babies’ brains may store the THC for a long time. Even states that are pro-marijuana use and have been for a while caution against using marijuana when pregnant or nursing. Let’s consider that a baby’s brain and body are mostly fat, and that’s where the THC from marijuana is stored.

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Many commenters suggested she be reported to authorities for child neglect and abuse. Based on comments — even from those who support marijuana use and legalization — many don’t support smoking weed while breastfeeding.

And so, we ask you. What do you think?

Photo: Facebook, via Deadline News

7 thoughts on “Photo of Mom Smoking Weed While Breastfeeding Sparks Outrage”

  1. People who judge this woman don’t know what they’re seeing or talking about! A hit off a bong causes very little smoke and there are no known side effects in pregnancy and breastfeeding and cannabis use. Most of the carcinogens from cigarette smoke are from the burning pesticides. Medical cannabis is grown organically and the woman is recieving many benefits from this medicinal herb! Remember our brains have endocannibinoid receptors!?! I would never put myself on social media this way, but everyone should check themselves when judging and ask ourselves if we really understand what we’re seeing.

  2. I do not agree with this. I think that because its fat soluble I would/do not intend on sharing THC with a nursing baby, and i smoke daily and am an Auntie who reads “Is this my Dragon” and Good Night Moon twelve times with MJ helping me get through my fourth ‘Good Night Mouse”. I do not agree with this photo for a number of reasons. Just because your a ‘stoner mom’ does not mean you can hit a bong while holding your baby. I have had friends that quit during their pregnancies, and those that stopped in the last trimester and only one with a muscle disability that discreetly smokes and is actively breast feeding ( all these girls are healthy and seem so have no ill side effects and all these mothers only use cannabis). Because of studies in AUS it seem that a baby first urine sample is clean after birth BUT not its first stool: telling me that the cord filters out THC but the baby if still exposed in-utero. NOW, breast milk does not have a placenta to keep your baby clean, and your stoned sister next you does not encourage a healthy “stoner Mom’ image we need to project to decrease stigma. This image is trashy and it should be a moment between mommy and baby. Read the Stoner Mom Blog and learn how to project a positive image that will not encourage CPS to breakdown our doors. Besides no baby needs smoke in tier face, do it in a different room, face your face and then go feed the baby.

  3. As someone whose parents smoked my entire life (including in utero), I gotta say: my lungs are MESSED UP. I had asthma, trouble in gym class, and got sick with debilitating chest coughs every winter until I moved out of the house. I still have complications from it. I’m 100% for adults smoking if they choose to, but that baby has no choice. It doesn’t make much smoke, but the lungs are one of the last organs to develop, and it’s not that hard to smoke away from your baby. If some THC passes through her breastmilk, well… I don’t know what the research says about that. It’s one of those “her autonomy vs baby’s autonomy” things. It’s hard to define. But secondhand smoke is easily preventable and is well documented to cause harm.

  4. As for the first comment by Kate, I want to know what bongs have you been smoking from? Because FYI a hit off a bong causes LOTS and LOTS of SMOKE. I smoked marijuana for 18 years and have been sober for a year now. I smoked joints and mostly used bongs because I got far greater of a hit form it than anything else. I had two children of mine own and stopped smoking completely prior, during, and even a few months after they were born, because I cared about my children and their health. Once I had decided to go back to smoking I waited till they were asleep and went to my room with the door shut so they were never exposed to it. This picture of this woman exposing her innocent child to harmful chemicals makes me want to vomit. Furthermore, she’s so proud of herself she has the audacity to post it on social media. Kate, its not that were judging her but more so concerned for that precious baby.

  5. What’s most insane is THC is lipophilic it likes fat so it bonds to fat cell. That how it stays in the body and can be tested for, for up to 30 days. Guess what else is high in fats? Breast tissue and breast milk so that child is reasonably getting ten times the dose the mother gets. Why would you do that to a developing brain and body especially when the first year of life is the fast growth period in a child’s life?? I have also seen working in an NICU that there is ancedotal evidence of a correlation between pot smoking and meconium (baby poop in uterus)stained babies which increases the risk of meconium aspiration at birth which can for newborns be deadly. Why would anyone take that risk? And if they’re smoking pregnant they’re smoking parenting, since WA state went legal call to poison control for accidental poisoning by pot of small children increased by 80% come on folks get your heads back in the game! Be responsible stop making excuses is your life so bad you need to go through it stoned? If so should you even be parenting???

    1. I have my Medical Marijuana Card and have epilepsy. The CBD helped my out-of-control seizures while I was pregnant.
      Tell me this, is the hospital injecting opiods such as Morphine for pain more appropriate for you? Do you know that they except “approved” opiod use during pregnancy? Do you have any idea what else can be done? Please, inform me. Do I agree with this photo? No. But to say not all of us are responsible and to question parenting…

      Would you rather I had gone into status epilepticus, causing both myself and my unborn son to die?

      He’s two years old, by the way, and doing fabulous.

      Get your head in the game and do some research. This pic, once again, isn’t doing anything for those of us who actually need it medically. Go suck an egg.

      1. That kid has ZERO choice. Inhalation of smoke and absorption of THC is not that kids choice. Explain to me the benefit of it for the child. I am all ears.

        This is literally no different than alcohol use while pregnant or breastfeeding. I also fail to understand how you can relate Morphine administered in a hospital setting is on par with having a hit from your friends bong. THAT is irresponsible.

        I would have preferred you go into “status epilepticus”…it would have saved us from your insane comments.

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