Planet Box Lunchbox Giveaway!

In celebration of our NEW Mothering back to school issue…which has a very robust Strokes of Genius back to school zero waste lunch product review…

I am giving away a Planet Box Complete kit with a stainless steel bento-style lunch box, a red carrying case, and a set of Under the Sea magnets.

Leave a comment below to enter this giveaway. And PLEASE, if you have a minute, tell me what you put in your child’s lunch box. I hate to do the boring pb&j thing too often…hook me up with your secrets.

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393 thoughts on “Planet Box Lunchbox Giveaway!”

  1. My daughter likes the standard peanut butter and honey on wheat bread, so nothing creative from me! I have a finicky eater,and my husband packs a lunch of peanut butter and jelly everyday!! 😉

  2. My kids love hummus and pita chips, cut up veggie patties with dippin’ sauce and homemade fruit leather….

  3. Oh, I *love* this! I do bento box lunches for my kids regularly. They love it! We do a lot of veggies/hummus, pasta, fruit, cut up meats, leftovers. They like salami slices and cheese on cute picks, etc. Cold cuts rolled up in tortillas and cut up is always a fav (or chicken & cheese). It’s a lot of fun to try to be creative, but you also don’t *have* to be with bento – just having your food in a cute little container counts. 🙂

  4. we don’t do lunches yet, this will be our first year with a preschooler. hmm, i’ll get back to you with the creative ideas.

  5. My baby is too young to need a lunch-box, but I would totally stash this away for when she does need it! Sorry I can’t help with there. As for my own lunch, I always try to pack lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

  6. How fun! I wish I had something inventive, but we do try a little hummus and pita bread here and there! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I have been daydreaming for a long time about a new lunch system. This looks so cute and fun! My oldest right now loves to have celery and hummus packed for him and my youngest would be happy if I packed just watermelon!

  8. That is the coolest lunch bot ever. My son isn’t ready for one yet, so I’m not packing lunches. But I would love to have it for when he is ready.

  9. My little ones are too young for the school lunch but when we go out or picnic I like to do hummus with veggies and pita bread, pasta salads, fresh fruit and sometimes even homemade sweet breads.

  10. awesome lunchbox 🙂

    my seven year old likes salad in his lunch the best, chard salad, quinoa salad

  11. VERY cool lunch box!

    My kids like homemade pasta salad, potato salad, egg salad sandwiches, or just plain hard boiled eggs, yogurt with berries, which I sweeten with stevia instead of giving them the high-sugar individual cups of yogurt. My son loves leftovers from dinner, burritos, rice cakes with almond butter, cottage cheese. They all love watermelon or cantalope, and my girls love applesauce or apple slices.

  12. I have been using a planet box for my daughter’s lunch all year. I just started sending with my preschooler for her lunch this summer. Hummus and chips are a favorite here. Also yogurt and berries. I also just send luch meat rolled up with chips. I love that everything is visible at once and it is clear that it is a balanced lunch. My kids new favorie thing to eat is crunchy seaweed, I put that in as a snack or with a little rice, that is always eaten.

  13. How cute! My daughter would love this. She’s going in to 2nd grade this year.

    We usually put a cheese stick, some sort of munchies like pretzels, a sandwich and a desert item. If we have something homemade like cookies she loves those, otherwise it might be a yogurt or applesauce. If we had the planet box I think we’d definitely start including a fruit or vegetable and more prepared food as opposed to just finger foods.

  14. Awesome! I have 7 kiddos and these would be so cool for school lunches. Very different from the average lunch bags.

  15. Wow. That is, by far, the coolest lunchbox ever. So many cool compartments for yummy treats. My 4 year old would love it!

  16. What a cool lunch box. My 4 year old starts preschool in the fall and I’m going to have to get her lunch box to use.
    .-= katie´s last blog ..Cohen =-.

  17. What a cool lunchbox! I love it!

    We pack soups all the time (with a straw if it’s not a chunky soup – it’s more fun that way), also I throw frozen veggies (straight from the freezer) into containers, my girls love cool/cold veggies – esp. peas. an assortment of dip-worthy foods and a favorite dip (mmm, hummus!) is fun. Really, my girls like cold leftovers, so it’s not unusual for a piece of chicken, yesterday’s spaghetti, whatever, to go in the box. I make sure there’s always at least one veggie and one fruit, and try to round the rest out.

  18. my daughter hates the cafeteria lunches – this would be a life saver! ditto on the hummus, also almond butter with banana, hard boiled eggs, and leftovers!

  19. Awesome! We usually melt cheese on our homemade wheat bread, fresh fruit, cahews, raisins and raw milk. Sometimes we do yogurt and for a treat, they love Pirate’s Booty!

  20. i’ve been looking for a lunch box like this! we do pb & apple butter, carrot sticks, fresh fruit and usually string cheese. 🙂

  21. My daughter loves to bring rice cakes with almond butter & honey, carrots & homemade applesauce. Her second favorite is wraps made with spelt tortillas & baked tofu!

  22. Great lunch box! Some kind of dip (hummus, yogurt dip, tofu pate, etc) with crackers and/or raw veggies is a big hit w/ my kids.

  23. Love this!

    We don’t pack school lunches yet but when we’re going to be out during meal time, I try pack a bunch of finger food. Sliced produce, lunch meat roll ups, pretzels, etc.
    .-= Dallas Ann´s last blog ..C25K =-.

  24. What a cute lunchbox! I put what ever is left over from dinner the night before. Cut up to finger size pieces.

  25. Pasta (hot or cold), homemade bread rolls or sticks alongside cheese slices, peanut butter on crackers, watermelon, apples, grapes, oranges, strawberries, pears, peaches, rasperries, hummus and pita bread, granola, bagels, cream cheese on bagels or with any sort of bread, cereal with a side of milk, homemade cranberry/banana or pumpkin bread.

    I do what the “experts” say about introducing a variety of foods and offering them multiple times but at the end of the day they are still kids. I think about all the foods I eat now compared to what I ate as a child and know that there is still hope for my children. 🙂

  26. This would be wonderful for my son! He’s changing schools for 2nd grade. His new school’s lunch program is less healthy than his old school, so I’m planning on sending lunches this year.

  27. my daughter is starting kindergarten in august! i had never even seen these lunchboxes before now! they’re awesome!!

    this is our first year packing lunches, so i’m going to keep checking back to see everyone’s creative ideas! thanks!

  28. These are great, I pack lunches for my 2 boys, and myself (I’m in college) and the bento box has been something I have always wanted!!

  29. How awesome is that lunchbox!!! I’m going to look into getting one if I don’t win this.

    My son has sensory issues so sometimes doesn’t eat much variety. Things he does love to eat and can take for lunch —

    Peanut Butter & Honey on whole wheat bread — always will eat this

    shredded chicken & cheese rolled in whole wheat tortillas

    Hummus with veggie sticks to dip

    PB with fruit slices to dip

    homemade yogurt — all time favorite!

    organic mac & cheese with lots of beans (cooked until almost mushy)

    dried fuit & nuts mix — favorite

    homemade ‘LaraBars’ — allways eats these!

    plain cooked beans mixed with noodles and shredded cheese

  30. my kids are starting a new charter school and have to bring their lunch every day. this would be a great win for us! i already use the divided trays for my little ones to make sure they have enough from each food group. i try and make sure they have fruit & veggie, whole wheat grains, yogurt/cheese, & beans/meat/pasta. we only do water bottles, no sugary drinks for us 🙂

  31. Oh I and I typically leave a note reminding my boys that I love them, sometimes it’s just a organic lolly pop with a heart on it 🙂

  32. That is so fancy!!! 🙂 MY son loves string cheese and apples with peanut butter or sesame butter! He isn’t much of a sandwich eater, so lots of times I will make tortilla rolls and cut them up…you can put whatever you want onthem, roll them up like a log and cut them in little slices…he thinks the colors are neat and the color changes depending on what i put on his “wheels” that day. His favorite is creamcheese, ham and dill pickle. However, he still loves a PB&J sandwich too! Hope that helps you a little.

  33. I’d love to have this for when we go on “field trips”. We homeschool, but I’ve been using lunchboxes lately (which is really just a cloth box… no trays, etc.) and this would be awesome to have. I like packing fruit, veggies, chips, pb&j (sorry lol), cheese sticks if able, etc. I’m not too creative either. 😉
    .-= Ruth Chowdhury´s last blog ..The Progression of Psalm 23 =-.

  34. I like to keep it organic and healthy. Depending on what is in season. Strawberries or blueberries. Good old banana. Yummy yogurt. My son loves salad:)Usually some type of sandwich whether it is peanut butter and honey, or peanut butter and banana. Or a good old ham sandwich:) Love this lunch box:):)

  35. Love this lunchbox! Thanks for the chance to win it!

    I find that the best lunches- meaning, the ones that actually get eaten, are packed broken down into parts. I have always packed condiments, bread, and sandwich fillings separately. That way, the kids get to make their own sandwiches, and nothing gets soggy and nasty. Then on the side, I’ll put fruit chunks, crackers, and some kind of fun sweet thing. Kind of like the lunch pictured, but none of my kids would ever eat that pasta salad.

    I would tho, looks yummy!

  36. I have been staring at these lunchboxes for a while now. They look so nice! For lunch ideas, one of the bigger hits around here is pinwheel sandwiches – cream cheese on a tortilla with shredded carrots and spinach rolled up then sliced.

  37. We don’t do ‘bag’ lunches quite yet, but often we do use re-usable bags for things like dried fruit, nuts, cheese, fruit, veggies, sandwiches, hummus, etc. We will be starting pre-school in July, so this would be awesome to win!

  38. We are starting kindergarten this fall, so I’m just starting to get geared up for lunch and snacks. This will be great for his favorite snack of hummus with carrots & cucumbers.

  39. We do something we call “Blue Plate Special”. It’s basically crudites with a ton of fresh, raw veggies and fruit along with a protein (raw cheese, yogurt, lunch meat rolled into a log, etc.). It’s ‘special’ b/c it’s whatever we have on-hand; in the winter often times that’s dried fruit, etc. This planet box would be perfect for Blue Plate special!

  40. Beans, rice, homemade salsa … but they end up together eventually. Beans, rice crackers, grapes, cucumber wedges. Cut up vegggies & hummus. Fruit leather is always a hit!

  41. My kids like any fruit with a little yogurt on the side to dip in. Simular to the cracker and cheese lunchables we fill different compartments with foods so kids can build their own lunch.

  42. I LOVE the look of this lunch box. My boys use Laptop (Bento-style) Lunchboxes and I really love the concept, except the plastic containers. The stainless steel would be great!

    Just switching out the bread for an english muffin, tortilla wrap, pita, etc. can change up your pb&j into something fun. Cookie cutters also jazz up a plain sandwich. You can also swap the pb for almond butter or sunflower sead butter. Have a variety of flavors of jam or swap the jam for honey or maple syrup. My son’s favorite is almond butter with cinnamon and honey.

  43. Ooohhh, love the lunchbox! We switch up the sandwich and go with almond butter and honey sandwiches, carrots, kiwi, pretzels, yogurt…..we sub different fruits depending on what is in season. Love some of these lunch ideas on this thread. I’m going to try a few new things this fall!

  44. This is so cute! I am looking forward to packing lunches for my little one and have been looking at ideas for bento box lunches, I think the concept of bento boxes are awesome. I have a little box that has 3 smaller boxes in it and I packed it the other day for my son when we went for a picnic. I put blueberries, steamed squash and zucchini slices and sweet potato cubes in it.

  45. Mixed fruit. Veggie sticks with some dip. Granola or trail mix. Somtimes leftovers from dinner. lol My son loves after because we never started him on juice.

  46. my 2 1/2 year old twins love to lunch a la cart style. This would be perfect for them. Honey maple turkey slices, cheese cubes, tortilla triangles, grapes/apple slices/melon, carrot sticks, pretzels and chocolate chips for a sweet treat. This would be great for on the run or on a day trip snacks. I love love this idea.

  47. Oh, please pick me! I adore these lunch boxes, and my son will, too! He eats every last thing I pack for him, and I’m so proud of him for that. Usually I have at least one of the following:

    -Whole wheat bread, hummus, sprouts, and cheese spread rolled and cut to look like *sushi*!! (He loves sushi, but I can’t pack him that for school lunch, obviously..)

    -Organic celery (non-organically-grown is full of pesticides!) with Organic peanut butter and dipped in sunflower seeds (to eliminate mess)

    -Crackers sandwiches with brie/jam, hummus/cucumber, or peanut butter/banana

    -love notes from Mama

    Good luck, everyone!

  48. My daughter will be going to K in the fall and this would be a fabulous way to send her lunch to school!

  49. I have been looking for a perfect bento box for my daughter. This will be perfect for rice, quinoa, fruit (mango pieces, berries) and whatever protein we have left over.

    Finding ways to make eating fun for my daughter is always a plus!

  50. I love these lunch boxes! My little one’s favorites are pasta salad, roast beef and avocado wraps, hummus and pita, and vegetable spring rolls.
    .-= Kristin Stevenson´s last blog ..the perfect bra =-.

  51. Fruit and veggies cut into different shapes are always a hit, and (of course!) with assorted dips like chocolate or caramel or basic ranch dressing for the veggies.

  52. My son loves lollipop sandwiches. Tightly roll up some lunch meat, cheese, lettuce, mayo into a tortilla. Insert toothpicks at 1/2 inch increments. Slice between toothpicks…Wha Lah! Lollipops that can be placed in a hard sided sandwich box or other reusable lunch container.

    I would LOVE to win this Bento box for my son!!

  53. Adorable! Have been wanting a bento box for my boys. Sandwiches cut into fun shapes. fruit, pretzels, cheese, etc….

  54. We homeschool but regularly pack our lunches for playdates, playgroups and field trips. We like to bring lots of fruit, hummus, pita chips, tortilla wraps, etc.

  55. I like to pack fresh fruits and then some type of rice/beans with a tortilla or cheese and crackers. They like to make tacos or burritos or cracker sandwiches!

  56. What a great lunch box! We homeschool and are out and about several days every week, so we picnic quite frequently. Our new favorite lunch item is make at the park’ roll-ups. We bring whole wheat tortillas (sometimes pita pockets, but the principle is the same) and ham or turkey, baby greens, sliced pickles and cheese and assemble them at the park (so they don’t get messed up in transit). We always have plenty of fruit and/or veggies – fresh cherries are the current favorite. I made fruit leather for the first time a few months ago and it quickly became a staple as well! And we’re water-drinkers, too 🙂
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Planning for M5 =-.

  57. My boy will eat sandwiches if I cut the bread with train cookie cutters. I have to be careful what I pack due to food allergies in the class. Fruit is usually what he eats the best.

  58. My son is starting school and I would LOVE to have one of your lunch boxes for him to take with him. What an awesome idea!!

    Veggies and dip, celery and peanut butter, and lots of fruit!!

  59. I make what my daughter calls quesadilla roll ups, although the cheese isn’t melted it’s still one of her favorites. She also loves that in every lunch is a salad because she loves salad!!

    This Bento would be perfect for my mini vegan in the making!!

  60. My son turned 3 in March and a few of his current faves are cream cheese and graham cracker “sandwiches”, feta and olives together in one container, fruit purees that he likes to call “pear sauce”/banana sauce/whatever-fruit sauce, yogurt with frozen fruit sprinkled on top, an ear of corn on the cob, and believe it or not, he ADORES anchovies!

  61. That would be so great!

    Our two toddlers love rice crakers with jam & almond butter, they like carrots, apples, grapes, and little cube sized pieces of meat, taro chips, sweet potato chips, berries, mozzarella string cheese, melon, and more 🙂

  62. In my daughters lunch box I do salads, frozen yogurt tubes, fruit snacks or a small sweet treat, a fruit and juice box. In my son’s lunch is the marshmellow creme and peanut butter sandwich, frozen yogurt tubes fruit snacks or a small sweet treat and a juice box. I work in the kid’s cafeteria, so I can see what they eat…it’s great HEHEHE!!

  63. Our little girl isn’t in school yet, but when we are out most of the day (or picnicking) we pack things like mango cubes or apple/pear slices, goat yogurt with org. granola and berries, goat cheddar chinks, apple juice sweetened cranberries and Barabara’s breakfast O’s. 🙂

  64. What a cool idea! This would be perfect for my almost 4 yr old going to pre-k in august. While in pre-school, we packed a snack for her and she always had to have a big variety of things to chose from, instead of just one thing! Usually I’d give her Annies bunny crackers or fruit snacks, carrot sticks, apple slices, grapes, etc.

  65. Roll Ups- But Not the Fruit Kind


    cream cheese

    fruit spread, preserves, chopped veggies

    My girls love roll ups, they are easy, less messy and fit the “no peanut” zone.

    Those lunch boxes are ultra cool, we could fit so much food into them.

  66. Love love, love the zero waste lunch idea. We’ve been TRYING for several years (I have a 12 10 and 7 year old), but it’s tough. Beacuse my kids make their own lunch I have alist on the frifdge of what it has to include: main thing (includes a protein), 2 snacks (ww tort chips, goldfish, pretzels, etc), a fruit, a veggie and a drink (usually just their water bottle). has good ideas!

  67. I have had my eye on lunchboxes like this for years, and in the fall my son will finally need one. 🙂 One kind of unusual sandwich that he likes is a little cream cheese, avocado, and tomatoes on tasty bread.

  68. My 3 kids would be fighting over this! Favorite lunches include good ol’ PB&J, soups or ravioli in a thermos, leftover homemade pizza, veggies and hummus, a clementine (my 6 and 8 year olds love that they can peel it themselves) or peach, taquitos… etc. Always a protein, a fruit and/or veg, a treat (pretzels, a cookie, etc.) and a drink – and we just got Kleen Kanteens for next year’s lunches! We’re attempting to go trashless, but the sandwich bags have been my downfall… this would really help!

  69. We have been looking for a good lunch box in our effort to avoid plastic containers, although mainly for my husband to pack up his work lunch…my daughter isn’t quite ready for her own lunch box (yet!).

    Favorites snacks to pack up: hummus and tomato rolled up in a tortilla, leftover vegetable pancakes (good even cold), or orzo pasta with peppers and peas.

  70. Fabulous lunch box! We love to put leftovers and other yummy grow food in our daughters lunch. She loves cut up fruit, yogurt, ants on logs, cheese and crackers and a water bottle.

  71. This looks like an awesome lunch box, perfect for my son starting kindergarten this fall. Funny, sounds like every one else’s kids love hummus too, it’s a favorite of ours. My son loves to dip sugar snap peas, and baby carrots in it. He also eats lots of cheese, yogurt and fruit, my son is a very picky eater.

  72. We like dinner leftovers, oatmeal with fruit, veggies and chips with bean dip, salads with veggies and beans, english muffin pizzas, soup and lots of things from the frozen section at Trader Joes 🙂

  73. My daughter will be born this week! So I don’t know what she likes in her lunches yet, but I sure love the concept of this lunch box! Personally, I’m a big fan of healthy deserts. Anything baked with whole grain flower that includes nuts, fruit, like carrot cake or banana bread. Pasta salad was also one of my favorites as a child. These days I really love spices chic pea salad! Yum! Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. I love to pack my son lunches when we are on the road going to visit family he loves having goldfish as a snack with his lunches!

  75. We eat fruits & veggies all day long, so it would probably be filled with grape tomatoes, blueberries, carrots, cheese, crackers, hummus, nuts, larabars, maybe yogurt, etc.

  76. I give my children carrot sticks, string cheese, apple slices, hard boiled egg, and crunchy lettuce leaves.

  77. Wicked cute!

    I almost always do crackers and hummus – but I’ve told my DD and her teacher this is for her afternoon snack (rather than her getting junk-food crackers or cookies). For lunch we usually send some sort of leftover pasta or casserole (mac n cheese or tortellini with pesto), cut up veggies or fruit, coconut yogurt or a cheese stick, and a few chocolate covered raisins. If we don’t have leftovers I’ll put in a few peeled boiled eggs and a banana muffin.

  78. Wow! That is rad! My kids take a whole bunch of stuff, wraps, nut and seed butter, apple sauce, yogurt with berries, they will eat anything!

  79. My daughter’s favorite things to find are: red peppers and hummus, lentils, kohlrabi, seaweed, an apple, and note from me, her Mom! 😀

    Thanks for all these great ideas, everyone!

  80. what a very cool lunch box. I have been looking into lunch boxes over the past few weeks and this is by far the coolest.

    My little mans favorite lunch is flat bread sandwichs cut out with cookie cutters.

  81. I would LOVE to win this for my daughter! She is in 2nd grade, and will be going to school this year (after having been homeschooled this past year). She would be so excited to have such a fun and unique lunchbox to take to her new charter school with her.

    Some of Erin’s favorite lunch foods are:

    -Cucumber, tomato, and avocado slices (squeeze some lemon over the top so the cado doesn’t turn brown)

    -Cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches on bagel or rye.

    -Carrots with PB to dip in.

    -Granola with strawberries.

  82. Right now he is still a baby, so his lunch isn’t too exciting yet, but his favorite is avocado and applesauce! (separately, not together!) And an organic maple teether cookie for dessert….:)
    .-= Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas´s last blog ..Gone missing- =-.

  83. What a cool invention!

    My kids like sandwich wraps, with grated carrot, lettuce, ranch type salad dressing, grilled chicken. But we don’t always have those ingredients on hand. One of my sons loves egg salad. Peanut butter and nuts are banned from our school. They like fruit. But what they really want is all the junk food possible, unfortunately! :S

  84. My daughter would LOVE LOVE LOVE this lunchbox! She’s going into 4th grade and has been using the same insulated lunch bag for 2 years, and I’m going to have to break down and get her one this year because she’s a little too grown up now for the old one that she thinks looks babyish.

    For lunch I usually pack: yogurt, 2 fruits, carrot or cucumber sticks, and for the ‘main course’ either turkey roll ups (slice of turkey with cheddar cheese rolled up) or fresh chicken and cheddar cheese sandwich on fresh rolls from the bakery 🙂 She also likes PB&J on whole wheat, a hard boiled egg or some cheese & crackers, sometimes she’ll eat tuna fish with crackers. my daughter loves sushi too, but i wouldn’t send it to school, I don’t feel comfortable that the fish would stay fresh!

    she drinks water (she has a stainless steel water bottle).
    .-= Bonnie Faust´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  85. My son has been buying his lunch since he started school but this year he is going to be bringing lunch now that he has a gluten free diet. I know that he would love this lunchbox and it might even make him less upset now that he won’t be able to buy lunch with his friends.

  86. oooooooooh I LOVE this!!

    We have used other similar lunch kits and love the little compartments to put together an assortment of yummy things.

    cheese, crackers, turkey pepperoni, boiled egg, chopped up fruit and veggies, hummus or ranch dip, pasta, & leftovers!!

  87. These lunchbox sets are incredible! My son would love it!

    I have a picky eater on my hands so we try

    To keep lunch simple and fun …we spend Sunday night baking quesadillas with cheese, veggies & chicken… I package them and freeze them in packs for each day… I can quickly warm them in the morning and pack them up for the…we’re working on the kindergarten menu for September !!!! Can’t wait!!!

  88. A nice thermos of homemade mac &cheese. I also send in a big cottle of water with lots of ice and a slice of lemon for flavor and style 🙂

  89. Love the Bento style lunch box, so does my daughter age 10. She enjoys packing her own lunch ussually from leftovers, Lots of fruit too.

  90. I’ve been wanting to try one of these! My little ones go crazy for carrots and red pepper hummus! They also love couscous with pine nuts. thanks for the chance!

  91. What a fabulous lunch box! My son is an extremely ‘picky’ eater but he loves compartments. I’m thinking this lunch box would be perfect for him!

    Some of the things I’ve included in his lunch: Edamame, chick pea salad, crackers w/sunflower butter, raw veggies, mini wraps, cereal, oatmeal flax cookies.

  92. My daughter is only two so she’s still happy with the random collection of stuff I throw in a container. It’s usually some combination of fruit, veggies, crackers, ham or cheese. I’m trying to get her exited by sandwiches, but she doesn’t really care for them yet.
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..Im proud too- kid =-.

  93. My boys love cheese quesadillas, refried black beans, and some fruit, or home made pizza “lunchables” with whole grain home made mini crusts, fresh sauce and cheese to make their own pizzas. thos are a HUGE hit!

  94. this lunchbox is so cool! grilled cheese with some spinach is a staple lunchtime sandwich for my son (in addition to almond butter & jelly). one of his favorite treats is dried dates or freeze dried mango.

  95. Even though my son is not in school yet we take a lunchbox everywhere with us since he has many food sensitivities and wants to eat all the time. We usually do almond butter or sunbutter and jelly if we’re gonna be out for a while but we also do rice crackers, rice cakes, cut up grapes, lots of other fruits. We also like to put hummus in there with cut up vegetables and fruit strips from Whole Foods and raw nuts.

  96. That’s an incredible lunch kit. I want one for myself as well. My daughter really like finger food and something to dip into. Lots of compartments is definitely her thing. c:

  97. beautiful lunchbox!

    sesame noodles, pesto pasta, yoghurt and fruits, carrots and broccoli, rice-peas-nuts-tamari, cheesy quesadillas, turkey sandwiches and roll-ups,a lot of different kinds of fruit

  98. This will be perfect for my son as he starts going places more often. I pack things like cheese quesadilla, grilled chicken, carrots, tomatoes and grapes for my little guy.

  99. Thanks for the giveaway, we’d love to win! Some of our favorite lunch items: fresh fruit and veggies, pita pocket sandwiches with hummus and sprouts, PB&H roll-ups on a whole wheat tortilla (sometimes we add thinly sliced apple and a sprinkle of cinnamon – yum!), air-popped popcorn sprinkled with “vegit” seasoning or powdered cheese, edamame, sesame rice balls, and yogurt with applesauce and cinnamon.

  100. Things with fun names i.e. Pineapple surprise (yogurt/cottage cheese with tiny chunks of dried pineapple), string cheese, raisins and ever since he discovered it – Pirate’s Booty

  101. My children like Quiche in a lunch box. I make quiche, slice it and freeze it. Pull a slice out in the morning and it is generally perfect to eat as a cold quiche by lunchtime.

  102. Love that lunchbox!!!

    My DD is going through a superpicky phase. Lots of fruit, brown rice or quinoa, peas/carrots/corn, cheese cubes or slices, or toast pizza (whole grain bread, toasted, topped with tomato sauce and cheese, then heated to melt the cheese.) Minimuffins are awesome too–You can sneak almost anything in there!

  103. My son is so picky! But the things he loves are great: Raw tofu, carrots and dip, cashews, leftover anything, ritz crackers, tuna salad, fruit if its peeled and/or not brown or blemished… And soup, though I dont think this lunch box will do much for us in the way of soup… We’d love to win this giveaway!

  104. This box looks awesome! Our daycare is nut/peanut free and ds has a dairy allergy, so we pack lots of pasta, fruit and veggies.

  105. my one daughters favorite is yogurt with granola, some “leaves” (spinach), and blueberries. My older daughter loves “lunchables” just hand made from natural meats, cheeses, and crackers. Sometimes we do little meat and veggie pies, and they always love quiche

  106. I have been eyeing this lunchbox for awhile 🙂

    We do an assortment for lunches here.

    The favs are:

    pancake sandwiches (put your fav filling b/t the bite size pancakes)


    homemade mac and cheese (yes cold, he loves it that way)

    homemade veggie pizza


    A great website I found for ideas are

    I am crossing my fingers………loving that lunch box

  107. my son would love this!!! he likes “containerish” thing and doesn’t like things mixed or with too many ingredients. bookmarking this pagefor ideas…

  108. I absolutely LOVE this lunch box! My kids eat hard boiled eggs, hummus and salsa with carrots, sweet peppers and zuccini, corn cakes with Sunbutter (similar to a rice cake but thinner and made with corn), guacamole with blue corn tortillas, fresh fruits, grape tomatoes, cheese cubes, greek yogurt (it is thicker so not as messy), beans (yes, my kids will eat kidney beans etc as is) and I always let them have a small homemade treat (cookie etc)

    They don’t get all of this for one lunch, but hopefullt I was able to give you some ideas 😉

  109. Today we had tofu, grapes, apple sauce and, yes, boring almond butter and preserves, but they like it. Lately they’ve been in to pizzas that we make on mini pitas and they add the toppings and watch them broil till the cheese melts. Then we pack them away for lunch the next day. They always eat them because they made them.

  110. Quesadillas are popular here too! So are hard boiled eggs, cheese cubes, pitas, and almost any fruit or veggie (with or without dip). I’m enjoying the comments; I always need new ideas! We’ve admired the Planet Box for a while and would love to have one!

  111. My little guy is almost 3 and starting preschool. He really won’t be having school lunches yet, but I am starting to get ready. Since he is autistic, finding healthy foods that he will eat will be a challenge and I’m sure the school lunches won’t do the trick. This would be a good start, and we can practice having lunch, so that when he gets to kindergarten, he will be ready to eat when the other kids are eating.

  112. Been eying these for us for playdates and car trips. We pack cheese and crackers, fruit, cheese sandwiches, dry cereal, and more.

  113. well, isn’t this the cutest thing ever? several bento “cookbooks” on amazon to help give you some ideas. buy a mini-rice mold (amazon, too)to make some cute, but healthy, items for your lunch box. thanks for the generous give-away!

  114. My daughter would love this, she will start a kids camp next week as an introduction to pre-school, so I haven’t done any lunches yet, but I’d love to learn fun ideas to put in her lunch box. Thanls!!

  115. Very cool! We love hummus, fruits and veggies, quinoa (new discovery), and soup! Homemade muffins are fun too!

  116. This is perfect. I have an ultra-picky 14-year-old, whose lunch I still pack daily (school lunch = disgusting). Him and I are a lot alike in that we can’t stand when our different food “categories” touch each other.

  117. I try to select one from each of the groupings below for my two elementary school kids:

    Our main dishes include: peanut butter and jelly, deli slice sandwiches, rice and curry or stirfry, or leftover pizza.

    Fruit: apples, grapes, oranges, mango, strawberries- which ever is in season.

    Veggies: mushrooms, carrots, celery, green pepper, spinach, and lettuce.

    Savory snack: rice cakes, crackers, garlic sticks, or kettle chips

    Sweets: granola, homemade muffin/cookies, fruit bar, cliff bar, yogurt, and banana bread

    Reusable bottle of water and a juice box

  118. A recent “find” that both my 6 yo and 3 yo love in their lunches is half a pita pocket stuffed with my modified greek salad – grilled chicken, cucumbers, black olives and cherry tomatoes. We don’t eat dairy so no cheese, but they love this mix. I often use the same and mix with pasta for an easy dinner or lunch.

  119. How adorable and ingenious! My daughter would *love* this lunch box — she’s very into sectioned bowls, plates, etc. and using them for meals. 🙂

    In it we could put hummus and baby carrots, blueberries or cherries, nuts or seeds, gluten-free crackers, cubes of tofu or soy cheese or avocado. Or, with so many sections, all of the above! hehe

  120. Oooh! My son is starting preschool in the fall and this would be perfect. He loves all the pieces of a sandwich, but not out together, bread, meat, and cheese can’t touch.

  121. Wow my daughter would love that! I’d put hummus, carrot sticks, broccolli and ranch, goldfish, fruit, beans, rice, cheeses , maybe tortillas. I want one!!

  122. What a cool box! My son would love this – he loves to put things into compartments. He is a fan of “wrap sandwiches” – anything wrapped up in a tortilla (avocado, spinach, cream cheese, artichoke dip, red peppers, etc.), and he loves just about any fruit. He’d also eat his weight in goldfish crackers, if I’d let him.

  123. My daughter had a tiny bento box for preschool last year and is looking forward to getting a bigger one for kindergarten next year! Her lunch typically consists of jam and cream cheese rollups or sandwiches cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters, edamame, babybel cheese, applesauce squeezers, and water.

  124. This would be excellent for my son! He loves blueberries, cucumbers, hummus, bread, cheese, cottage cheese…its endless!

  125. Oh i LOVE this! My kids would adores this, as well.

    Some things we do is hummus with carrot slices (I make them like crinkle cut “chips”) cherry or grape tomatoes, cucumber slices and other veggies, rice crisps, or pretzels (gluten-free, for us). In another container would be coconut yogurt (we are soy and casein free, as well), some fresh or dried fruit in another to top the yogurt with. Mini rice cakes with cashew, almond or peanut butter, applesauce, etc.

  126. My lil one doesn’t go to school yet but we do pack lunches when we go out since we try not to eat out too often. So this would be perfect! We like to pack pasta or quinoa salads along with cut up fruit as those are some of my sons favorite foods.

  127. To mix it up a little, my kids love pita and hummus, soup in a thermos, cheese and crackers they can assemble themselves, and pasta. To liven up sandwiches, I cut them into 3 or 4 strips the long way, traingles, or into shapes like hearts, stars and dinosaurs (using a cookie cutter). Finally, sometimes it’s even the packaging that makes lunch fun to eat, like, say, a really cool bento box lunchbox.


  128. Awesome box!!!!! Try different nutbutters like almond or hazelnut with different honeys(orange blossom, clover, lavender) for a fun twist on pbj… make any normal sandwich on whole wheat or gluten free tortillas for a fun wrap. Anything cut into fun shapes is great like star sandwiches and diamond fruit or cheese pieces. Of course letting them pick their own boxes, reuseable utensils and cups makes them excited to take their lunch.

  129. lets see, a sandwich (pbj, lunchmeat of some sort), sometimes beandillas, sometimes a thermos (pasta, leftovers from night before, Or soup); sea weed, a veg, fruit, whatever’s seasonal. I keep it simple and pretty much the same everyday. 🙂

  130. My daughter won’t be going to kindergarten until autumn 2011, but already I wonder what I will send with her to eat. We are gluten-free, so it will be a bit creative I imagine, she really likes brown rice pasta salad with olives, & veggies!

  131. We bring our own food EVERYWHERE do to life-threatening food allergies. A bento would be a great idea and how great that it is stainless and won’t give any plastic chemically stuff to my healthy snacks and lunches! We often travel with homemade banana bread, seasonal berries, sliced hard boiled eggs and a cream cheese and jelly sandwich. We also like carrot chips and french dressing dip. Finally, we LOVE sliced apples dipped into heavenly dip (cream cheese mixed with both white and brown sugar) – you cannot go wrong! Thanks or giving us the chance to win!

  132. My son loves these in his laptop lunchbox (the older version): crepes filled with fruit jams, cottage cheese, hazelnut sprea;, hummus with pita; blue corn chips with flaxseeds; veggie sushi; raw veggie roll with sprouts, cabbage for crunch; carrots, fruits etc…

  133. This is soo awesome! I just finished reading the information on their website and watching some of the videos, and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for for my son’s lunch. He is 4 1/2 and will start his second year of preschool at our local Waldorf school ( this fall. This will be his first full day with lunchtime, so we have never packed lunches before. But I can tell you that hummus, pita, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olives, and sprouts is one of his fave lunches ever!! I love that these lunch boxes have compartments with specific purposes (fruit compartment, veggie compartment, etc.). For me that’s a big plus over similar designs, because I could use the memory jolt to remember to keep his lunch well-balanced.

  134. I admit, sometimes I treat my son to a sandwich with Peanut Butter, heavy on bananas, light on Nutella, and a tiny schmear of Fluff! Lol! Definitely some fruit and/or baby carrots on the side!

  135. My daughter loves berries and almonds in her lunch! And, of course, AB&J is always a hit. Trying to cut down on all of the sandwich breads, tho. We would love to have such a cool lunchbox 🙂

  136. Is it bad if I say I want this for myself? lol

    But really my stepson is about to start preschool, this would be so fun for him 🙂

  137. Love this giveaway! Such a super lunch box! My girls love any sort of fresh berry. Add some lemon curd and they are over the moon!!!!

  138. How cute! My kiddo loves chopped up veggies with hummus for dipping, chopped up fruit with yogurt for dipping… Really, anything he can dip is his face right now!

  139. What a great giveaway! My oldest who is 10 wants something chocolate in her lunchbox so I try and have a chocolate covered fruit when possible. My 4 year loves peanut butter balls with oats in them and what ever else I throw in. My 2.5 year old likes Yogurt with berries and granola a lot.
    .-= Kimberly´s last blog ..A perfectly silly Dinner- =-.

  140. Eco-friendly and fashionable…my five year old daughter would love this lunchbox for her fun shaped sandwiches.

  141. My son’s fave lunch is smoked salmon sandwiches with cukes dipped in baba ganouj. Strange, but you never know what they will eat so try anything!

  142. These are awesome – I thought it’d be fun to put other magnets in as a surprise for my kiddo too. My son is not in school yet, but lately he loves dipping things in hummus so that’s our go-to. I also make a toaster hummus sandwich w/ meat and cheese (hard for to-go, but could do untoasted sandwich).

  143. My soon-to-be 1st grader would love this…as would her 4 year old sister. I might need to buy another if I win! Bean and cheese burritos are a favorite in our lunchbags.

  144. Where can I get one of these?? This is the perfect environmentally sound lunch kit! I have stopped using sandwich bags and cling wrap but it gets hard packing lots of containers in a bag. This stainless steel compartment style should be a must for any mom.

    My son starts Montessori next week but I’ve been packing his lunches for a few years since he started daycare. We do all sorts of different lunches, sometimes it’s flatbread with lots of veggies and cheese so he can make his own sandwich. He loves pasta, so that’s a big one. Wraps are big with him too. Of course there’s fruit, either just a piece or a fruit salad. Yogurt. I make granola bars for an extra treat too.

    I want, I need, I must!! 🙂

  145. i would love this for my little guy, he loves carrots and guac and grapes and yogurt dip and this would be perfect!

  146. Nice giveaway! I have a 3.5 year old so I haven’t put a whole lot of thought into what I’ll be packing in her lunch when she’s off to Kindergarten but I have gotten some great ideas from this post! Her latest obsession is Sugar Snap Peas!

  147. My DD likes hummus sandwiches (I make my own and make it very bland for her). She likes variety, so I pack a couple crackers and a couple carrots, so she feels like she has a lot, but doesn’t get too full on the sides. She also loves dried apples.

  148. I have three elem. age kids that could use it. 🙂 We like to do wraps with tortillas and whatever that kid likes…cheese, hummus, even leftovers from last night’s dinner

  149. My kiddos love homemade pizza, homemade nori rolls, burritos, veggies with hummus dip, and fruit.

  150. Love it! There is no telling what goes in our lunches, but usually includes a fruit or veggie & dipping sauce (usually hummus) – a cubed chicken breast or basil avacado roll ups or bagel pb&j – maybe some applesauce or yogurt – and some veggie straws.

  151. oh…we NEED one of these. No, two.

    We do lots of leftovers, plus black bean burgers, noodles, garden vegetables, crackers, etc.

  152. My daughter loves a variation on the peanut butter sandwich… peanut butter pizza. Half of a tortilla with peanut butter spread then folded in half. Sometimes we add honey or Nutella.

  153. Hooray! I have always loved the idea of the laptop lunch bento boxes but always steered clear because of the plastic. Glad to see someone making stainless ones.

    My son loves sushi, corn, pineapple, cucumber slices, green beans, and watermelon in his lunchbox. (I just asked him what he likes best in his lunch and that was his list)
    .-= Gloria´s last blog ..Summer Solstice and a Substitute Teacher =-.

  154. We are going to start school this year so the first time we will be packing a lunch! Thanks for the ideas!

  155. I have three boys, two that are school age. We love these boxes and can’t wait to try one out!

    My eldest kiddo has food allergies, so feeding him is a little tricky. He likes fresh fruit and raw veggies. Leftovers are always a big hit as well – surprisingly my kids think most food tastes just as good packed cold for lunch.

    Last year, my middle son’s teacher kept asking me how I got him to eat his lunch so well. She was shocked because he was eating raw beets, broccoli, and cucumbers everyday as his sides (his request!).

  156. That is adorable. My son prefers to eat vegetarian. We do quite a bit of tortillas with cheese shreds which he rolls up. Or cheese and crackers. Hummus with dipping veggies, he loves whole-grain pasta salad with homemade pesto, so if we have that for dinner I save some for the lunch box. He will eat fruit until the cows come home. The only thing I can’t pack in his box, and I wish I could, is an ability to focus. Often the food comes home uneaten because he talks through lunch time!

  157. My daughter would love this lunch box, but only if she could pry it away from me! I’d love to take my lunch to work in this box.

  158. I’ve been looking for a sectioned lunchbox and this one looks perfect! Lunches in our house typically consist of turkey or chicken on whole wheat, cut up carrot and celery sticks and broccoli with organic ranch dressing or just celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins or some variation of that. Also popular are seasonal fruit slices, organic tortilla chips and salsa, peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches, almond and raisin mix, and during the winter I make a lot of homemade chicken and rice soup.

  159. What an awesome lunchbox. We mostly just use up leftovers, sometimes made into “new” meals (meat on a bun, etc).

  160. I have 2 boys who are school aged and I LOVE to do Bento boxes for them, I use egg molds, white rice, crab, etc. They love it! They would love these!

  161. WOULD LOVE THIS lunch box, my babe is still BF but soon we will transition to finger foods!!! cant wait

  162. What a cool lunch box!

    My daughter is pretty set in her ways for lunch. A few ‘go-to’s’ are homemade tortillas with pea butter and agave nectar or else yogurt parfaits with homemade yogurt, frozen berries (help keep the yogurt cool) and a little bit of honey.

  163. Ohhhhhhhhh… I cannot tell you how long I have wanted one of these lunch boxes!!! Pick me!!!!!!!!

    My son says, “flat fruits (all fruit roll ups), trail mix with grain sweetened choc chips, and pancakes (sometimes we’d throw a few in that we had extra from breakfast)”.

  164. I would love one of these lunch boxes for my little one!! Instead of the traditional sandwich lunch, I usually pack her fun finger foods with dips. Usually consists of fruit, veg, different cheeses, hummus, spinach dip, baba ghanoush and naan bread. I try to switch it up as much as possible so it doesn’t get boring, but those are a few of my fav.


  165. Yogurt, pasta, string cheese, nothing too exciting lately… but I would looove to win this beautiful box – it might inspire some more creativity 🙂

  166. My son would love this, because like his mama he doesn’t like his food to touch! I try to have at least one thing different in his lunch every day!

  167. This would be perfect for the type of food I pack my son. He enjoys fruit, veggies, and crackers with dips like hummus and guacamole. I would love this for him!

  168. This is great. Looks super durable and cute. I put all kinds of things in my 4th grader’s lunch; she likes something different every day. So, sometimes it’s California roll with edamame and a peach, sometimes cheese just barely melted onto a bagel with a pickle and sliced red bell pepper. She loves hot food, so sometimes some leftover pasta or stew from dinner the night before or some mac-n-cheese. Also, I always pop in a tiny sweet as a treat to boost her at midday.

  169. Awesome lunchbox!!! I usually put something like homemade hummus/babaganoush w/ pita wedges, some form of fruit, cheese stick & h2o. Or an uncured deli meat & some raw nuts. If I’m doing something like an almond butter/jelly sandwich I would put in some veggie like carrot sticks. Luckily one of my son’s friend’s a vegetarian and he now like raw spinach just like her!

  170. Love it! DD will eat almost anything, but right now she’s a big fan of anything with “dip” (hummus, guac, etc), cheese cubes, black bean/corn/zucchini tacos, cabbage “streamers” (shredded), diced tomatoes, etc.

  171. Oh I love this, and my son would too! He likes hummus and dippy things for lunch, cheese sticks and ‘dinosaur’ cashew butter sandwiches on gluten free bread!!

  172. This stainless steel lunchbox is really cool! My daughter likes for me to put sliced veggies, cheese, fruit, bread, etc… so that she can make little sandwiches. Leftovers of homemade mac and cheese is also an occasional lunch surprise. (and extra to share with friends is a plus for any lunch 🙂

  173. My son would LOVE this lunch box!!!!

    He is very difficult with eating. He loves almond butter, peanut butter, soy butter, any kind of butter with honey. He loves fruit too, so packing a snack is easy.

  174. wow this lunch box is just too cool! no plastic!!! love it! my kids love sunbutter and rice cakes, carrots and hummus, tortilla chips w/ sprouts and goddess dressing, and a couple dark chocolate chips for a “special treat”—yum!

  175. About frickin’ time there’s a stainless option! I’m so tired of schlepping glass everywhere…fingers crossed!!!

  176. my all time favorite lunchbox sandwich is whole wheat bread with alouette cheese (garlic and herb) and thinly sliced cucumbers on top. yum!

  177. I would love this for my little boy. He just started going to an in-home daycare and I’d be sure to know he’s still eating organic and healthy, and creating no trash. His fav? Anything cheese! Cheese crackers, cheese sticks, mac and cheese…sounds like Forrest Gump:)

  178. wow, i mean WOW! what an awesome concept! based on our 2010 new year’s resolution, we have recycled all our plastic dishware, cutlery, cups, tupperware, water bottles, baby bottles, etc. basically all of our plastic food ware and have replaced it with glass and stainless steel items. but, i have never seen a stainless steel lunchbox insert like this one! i would love to send my daughter to school/friend’s homes with this non-breakable, bento style lunch box filled with yummy, nutritious goodies such as an organic cream cheese & wild caught smoked salmon wrap in a whole grain tortilla, fresh figs, organic baby carrots and homemade organic ranch dip, organic non-sweetened banana chips, and a few fair trade 70% cocoa chocolate chips for desert. most of the teachers take one look at her food and ask if she wants to trade with them! and most kids think her lunches are weird or gross, but their parents only give them lunchables, the truly gross option. when my daughter happily explains what she’s eating, at least the other kids get exposed to “exotic” foods and perhaps will be inclined to try these healthy, yummy options one day 🙂

  179. So cute! Love the stickers. My daughter 5.5 yrs is definitely the PB&J type. My 2.5 yrs old, on the other hand, is much more diverse and adventurous in his eating habits–his Planet Box Lunchbox would definitely include Sushi–his favorite! The bento-style would lend itself to put a greater variety in the lunch.

  180. great lunch boxes! an easy lunch idea is to steam/pan fry some gyoza and include something to dip them in….they’re great hot or cold. another favorite is a mix of cashews, dried cranberries, yogurt raisins, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pretzels, etc.

  181. I start with whatever fresh fruits and vegetables are in season. The last lunch I did had grapes, pineapple, and peaches with yogurt and carrots and green beans with hummus. She also really likes peanut butter and honey on a whole wheat tortilla cut into triangles.

    She also really loves sushi so I want to learn to make it so I can include avocado rolls (her favorite) or some other veggie sushi rolls as special treats in her lunches.

  182. I saw this on Zrecs and fell in love. It is the nicest one I have seen. Monkey is one and a half so not a lot going on in the lunch department. Cereal bars are his big away from home food. And Nori from Trader Joes.

  183. I bet my nephew would love this lunch box, but I’ll totally entering for myself. That lunch box is awesome. A fun idea for lunches is rice balls. You just need some sushi rice and what ever you want to put in them. Depending on the filling they stay good for about a week in the fridge. They’re fun to make too. You can make them into animals and faces or any other your little ones want.

  184. What a great bento box, I always pack a salad with lettuce, spinach, cabbage, cottage cheese, sesame vinigar dressing…and my 8 year old loves it + leftovers anykind of leftovers he loves to take to school. Thanks so much for this opportunity to win such a wonderful lunch box…I also usually pack lots of glass snapwhere containers which are super heavy and sometimes worry me, but he’s never broken one so far.

  185. Hmmm … for some reason my 4 year old always asks for cornichons (the French gherkins with the little pearl onions!!) in his lunch box. Other than that, pasta, cousous and rice salads with olive oil and fresh veggies, fruit, almonds and dried fruits as well.

  186. Carrot sticks, dip, nuts, grapes, cheese, leftovers from dinner last night…anything easy to munch on and healthy!

  187. My children like a variety of things but here are some ideas –

    rice crackers with peanut butter or turkey bologna slices, sliced pears with cashew butter, coconut macaroon cookies, carrot sticks, celery with sunbutter.

  188. I’m a mom to be but I used to be preschool teacher and kids love to have baby carrots with ranch dressing or celery, fresh fruit like apples or cantaloupe tortilla chips or pretzels and a croissant with turkey ham or cheese quesadilla or macaroni and cheese and a small portion of dessert like M&Ms or gummy bears 😉

  189. I have had my eye on this set for a while now. To win it would be divine!!! My son is pretty straight forward eater and lunches consist of a protein carb balance like turkey, cheddar cheese, some kind of grain such as bread or crackers (but not a sandwich..he won’t eat those!), in season fruit, raw vegetables and a homemade baked good. Always accompanied with water. 🙂

  190. This is such a great idea for a lunch box. An idea for lunch is whole wheat wraps with various fillings that the kids can out together themselves (eg, hummus, veggies, chicken, beans, etc).

  191. I put uncooked lasagna noodles as a treat- they love itt and the teachers get a laugh! Also fruit, popcorn and homemade fruit leather with veggies and protein powder in them…. Pretty sneaky eh? I hope I win that fabulous lunchbox, my son will LOVE it! Thanks for your great column.

  192. yay, so glad to discover this product! I’ve been trying to figure out better solutions for packing lunch. I hope I win. I pack 3 bean salad or pasta salad and fruit and cheese and baby carrots or green beans. My daughter eats it all most of the time.

  193. We usually do veggies and/or homemade pita chips and hummus, fresh fruit, yogurt (sometimes I add frozen berries), apples with cinnamon, tofu cubes, frozen mixed veggies with beans,

  194. My daughter has celiac so we have to get creative with our lunches. Here are some favorites….

    Peanut Butter rolls: Corn tortilla with peanut butter, honey and cinnamon inside.

    Trader Joes’s crushers: They are filled with apple, carrot and pumpkin.

    She loves a container of olives

    We make a batch of homemade gluten free bars or banana bread.

    Trail Mix

    Quinoa and rice

    I’ll leave it at that. I sure hope I win…crossing my fingers 🙂

  195. tried to find my post but it looks like it didn’t stick. ???

    ((sorry if this is a duplicate, but i really wanted to be included in the drawing))

    My soon to be 2nd grader loves brown rice, baked salmon or chicken, korean style seasoned seaweed (she will eat anything wrapped with it, steamed broccoli or cauliflower, grapes and apples. This lunch box is so cute and would be perfect for picky eaters like my daughter.

  196. Would LOVE to win such a great lunch box! Love all the dairy free ideas… we’re starting kindergarten in the fall! yikes!

  197. I put black beans, cheese slices and tortilla in his lunch. Any fresh fruit in the fridge- sometimes peanut butter filled pretzels for treat. We are trying to wean from plastic bags- we would love this! Thanks

  198. That looks so cool! My son loves “snack” type lunches. So nuts, raisins, berries, crackers, small pieces of cheese, veggies & dip, etc. As long as it is pretty well balanced I don’t care if it doesn’t go together.

  199. This is incredible! I love it!!!! I can’t stand to use plastic anything… the recycle bags are nice, but not perfect… the tippins are great for hubby, but not necessarily for the kids… but THIS is PERFECT!!!

    My kids favorite lunch is cucumber slices, cauliflower, and carrot sticks with lots of hummus for dipping… add some fresh fruit like strawberries and blueberries and some Indian Flat bread and it’s a lunch begged for often.

    My son also like wraps made of pepperoni, hummus, and thinly sliced yellow bell peppers. ANd it’s pretty good in Indian flat bread as well.

  200. My grandkids lunches are stored in a refrigerated area so they take all kinds of good and healthy food. What a great looking lunchbox!!!!

  201. My daughter LOVES hers and I would love another one! Here are some of the lunches I put in hers:

    – egg salad, avocado, pita wedges, cut-up fruit

    – bean and cheese quesadilla wedges, avocado, carrot matchsticks, fruit

    – hummus rolls, raisin and nut mix, fruit, hard boiled egg slices

    My daughter’s teacher constantly comments on how balanced her lunches are and that she eats so much of what we send her in with. That’s because it is presented so nicely 🙂

  202. Nori rolls with avo, scallion, carrot & mushroom, sushi party balls with carrot & hijiki, egg salad sandwiches, pasta salad, mini-empanadas, edamame, graham crackers, grapes, melon, popcorn balls…sorry I’m tired and running out of ideas.

  203. My sons’ favorite is turkey and cheese w/ lettuce and mayo. Fresh fruit – esp. mango or strawberry. Lettuce w/ dressing. Pasta salads w/ dried fruit. Make your own kabobs – toothpicks, cut up chicken, blue cheese and grapes.

  204. My daughter loves to find chicken and broccoli in her lunchbox, especially if there’s a banana on the side.

  205. So darn cute! My son has MANY food allergies! He is seeing a NAET practitioner & we are starting to reintroduce more foods to him. He can’t eat out at most places & has been living on mostly brown rice & steak for almost a year, so I guess that’s what I’d pack at the moment! *LOL* Hopefully soon, we’ll be able to pack more of a variety!!!

  206. This will be my oldest’s first year in school, but I plan to do things like hummus and veggie cuts, cheese cubes, yogurt, pita chips, etc.

  207. My daughter is starting school in the fall. I am thinking fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers… and I need more ideas, too!

  208. Oh this is the coolest box ever! I do hummus and pita, black rice and veggies, fruit. Pretty basic. Leftovers!

  209. Would love to get my hands on this cool lunchbox!

    I like to add edamame to lunch. Cheese quesadillas are also a hit!

  210. My two little ones are always more eager to eat when presented with a little of everything, and this would be a perfect way to pack such a feast!

    A sample of what they love:

    -Tofu cubes in tamari

    -Nuts and Berries

    -Ants on a log (celery or carrot sticks + nut butter + raisins)

    -Worm shaped pancakes

    -Zhuccini muffins

    -Hard-boiled eggs with gomasio

  211. This is fantastic! Such a great (and fun) eco-alternative. We like to put things like healthy pasta salads, stir-fry, etc. as a main dish. It’s a great way to use up favorite leftovers 🙂

  212. we’re pretty boring over here, a turkey wrap, cheese stick, some carrots, etc. a new lunchbox would surely inspire us to ne more creative!

  213. I love this! My little one is too small to take it to school but we can sure take it to playdates!

    She eats tons of fruit and just started loving broccoli (she’s 11 months). Also crackers with natural PB, cheese sticks, avacodo!

  214. My soon to be Kindergartener and I were just looking at this lunchbox on Zrecs today! She wants one! I plan to pack all sorts of delicious and healthy lunch for her, I bet homemade muffins will be a huge hit. My kids love cucumber slices, baby carrots, and pretty much any fruit.

  215. This week was fresh from the garden tomato and cucumber slices, pitted kalamata olives, blueberries and pitted cherries with Annie’s honey graham bunnies. We’re always throwing in something from our CSA bag. We use laptop lunchboxes, but I’m always looking for something new. Now that I’m going to be home with my girls again, I’m thinking lunchboxes will be a good way to portion control so we all stay healthy.

  216. This looks awesome! fresh fruits, applesauce, cheese sticks, plain yogurt with a little honey and fruit on top.

  217. My son loves PB and honey on whole wheat with fruit (pref strawberries or tangerines) and some sort of baked cracker. Lookin’ forward to winning this one!

  218. This is awesome! I make mini verisons of our dinner favs for lunches like butternut squash pasta with veggies 🙂

  219. I would love to have one of these for my son when he starts preschool in a couple of months. He enjoys edamame, carrot shreds, cheese, and grilled chicken (or peanut butter and jelly roll-ups made with whole wheat tortilla).

  220. I don’t pack lunches anymore, but my oldest packs her lunch herself. I think would use something like this!

  221. That is the coolest lunchbox!!!

    Around here, we do lots of cheese & crackers and cut fruits & veggies.

    Or leftovers…. depending on how well they liked dinner the night before!

  222. love love love it. my wee one is only 6 months…but when i’ve packed lunches for the other kids in my life, i’ve put PB and raisins on celery (ants on a log, don’tcha know!), pita and hummus, and fruit salad.

  223. Wow – I love these! I’ve been looking at the lunchbox pics at Weelicious for inspiration lately. We do sunflower seed butter with pumpkin butter to add some variety to PB&J!

  224. L-O-V-E this lunch box! My son would just adore it!

    His favorite lunches:

    Hard-boiled egg slices with diced ham

    Sliced avocado with cottage cheese

    Veggies with ranch

    Pita with hummus

  225. I’m all about variety when it comes to lunch, usually about 6+ items for him to choose from. Almost always 2 fruits and 2 veggies (strawberries and blueberries this week along with a few carrot sticks and sliced cucumbers), cheese tortelleni (just cooked, no sauce), some cashews (maybe toss in a little dried fruit), cubed cheese (we always sample cheeses whenever possible and find new varieties), this week we are using Gouda, and then usually something crunchy like Puffins cinnamon cereal or crackers.

  226. I like to put my sons favorite fruits in his lunch bag along with a natural granola bar and juice box from Trader Joes. 🙂

  227. Today we brought pumpkin bolani we bought at the farmer’s market, a little vegan pesto I made to dip it in (his friends loved it), blueberries, soymilk. Sometimes we pack a thick soy yogurt I make, with banana and syrup to sweeten. Vegan banana muffins (finely ground walnuts in it cause he doesn’t like the chunks). Hummus rolls with ground flax seed hidden inside, apple slices and nut butter, pre-heated tamales, ravioli or quinoa curly pasta as finger-food.

  228. ohhhh YES I want one, or several of these. Have been wrestling with mismatched and poorly fitting combos of containers and carriers … for my son, just recently in a setting that means he needs to pack a lunch. I try to avoid soooooo many common allergens.

    One of his fav breakfast options has become a lunch item: Coco’s croque-monsieur! It has many variations, but starts with a pan of butter and sliced bread, grilled on one side, removed from the pan to cover the grilled side with topping and returned to the pan with more butter for grilling the second side. Very quick! Variations include Aurora Borealis rosemary bread topped with dill havarti and imported prosciutto. Rosemary bread topped with chevre and wild smoked salmon. Spelt bread. Rye bread. Oatmeal bread. Other toppings: Manchego cheese, Greek melting cheese, any cheese that can be thinly sliced or spread. Liverwurst. Genoa salami. Deli sliced turkey or roast beef. Thinly sliced, seeded tomato.

    fresh fruit. fresh tomatos.

    banana or apple sliced and spread with smooth almond butter.

    frozen shrimp with ranch dressing, ready to eat by lunch.

    sometimes tossed with frozen peas and / or frozen corn.

    sliced boiled or deviled egg, or sliced scrambled that was cooked in an egg poach cup so it’s perfectly round.

    variations on cooked whole grain salad or noodle salad

    thermos of simple soups, left over or Coco’s own creation.

    so easy: any tablespoon of any leftover added to a cup of broth, a teaspoon of butter and tamari, a sprinkle of crumbled seaweed or crispy roast kale

    occasionally: wheat free fig newton or oatmeal raisin cookie

  229. This is SO lovely! I would love to win this! My children have never gone to school (we joyfully unschool!), but we do take our lunches out with us when we are out and about in the real world. Thank you.

  230. Well, Lily’s not old enough yet to have solid foods but i do send my hubby to work with a homemade lunch everyday. His favorite is beans and cornbread with a piece of fruit and yogurt with granola.

  231. OMG! I love this lunch box set and sooooooo want it!!! Since Bishep is only 22 months we make sure he gets a balanced lunch at preschool and pack our own organic food. He always gets a fruit, a veggie, and a meat substitute (we are vegetarians). He especially loves cheese and edamane. Sometimes we’ll put in some yogurt or raisins for sweet treat.

  232. How cute is that? Both of my children use Laptop Lunches by Obento – but only had them a year and already falling apart.. but they get so many complements on them and we have converted many families in their preschool to switch from disposable baggies to some sort of bento box.

  233. I usually put leftovers from last night dinner, soups in a termo, pieces of chicken or make sandwiches with chicken salad, fruit, carrots, cucumber, or raw chocolate mouse, like the one in one of the last issue of mothering, cut veggies with rice wrapped in a nori sheet.

  234. This lunchbox looks great! For lunch we do everything with various “dips” (hummus, cream cheese, peanut butter, applesauce, yogurt). She thinks it’s fun!

  235. Too cool! We often do “Le Grand Aioli” but with plain organic yogurt & garlic instead of mayo. You can dip anything into it.. yesterday it was steamed broccoli, oven fries, cucumber slices and leftover falafel patties.

  236. I can always use more lunchware with 4 kids. I have a blog dedicated to the vegan food I pack in their lunches, and the recipes I use to feed them at home. Dinner leftovers are standard, but I’ll put just about anything into a lunchbox. I even put vegan ice cream into a Thermos one time! Onigiri is a favourite, or leftover homemade pizza, or a layered bean dip with chips (instead of the school lunch nachos which are a nutritional disaster).
    .-= Krista´s last blog ..coasting =-.

  237. I would love one (or two) of these! Finally a stainless steel lunchbox with compartments! Kids love the compartments, don’t they?

    In our lunchboxes we put in raw veggies with dips (lemon-tahini, hummus, peanut lime ginger) and salads (vegan caesar, garden) and fresh fruit and pasta dishes (pesto pasta, pasta salad) and wraps (baked tofu with hummus vinaigrette and veggies). Homemade cookies are a crowd-pleaser, too.

  238. We usually find a way to dress up leftovers! My little guy loves cheesy rice and broccoli (he’ll even eat it cold so we don’t have to worry about warming it up). We make pb and j roll ups on tortillas, or cream cheese on rice cakes. There’s always fresh fruit and veggies and usually some yogurt. We’re investing in a food dehydrator this summer, so we’ll be able to make our own fruit snacks!

  239. Wow that lunch box is really awesome! So far lunches for my son consist of fruit and cheese. He’s only 1.5 yr so we really don’t go too many places that we need to bring a lunch. But soon we will. I love reading all the lunch ideas of other people on this blog.

  240. this is the best lunch box ever!!!! we try to keep it simple, sawndwich, fruits, vegetables and home-made yogurt

  241. Lunch! I like veggie sushi and making rice balls for lunch. Easy and no need to refrigerate most of them.

  242. Awesome box! We do leftover homemade mac and cheese, build your own cracker sandwiches, hummus and pita, ect.

  243. My son is only 13 months, so these suggestions are great! When I’m totally stuck on what to give for lunch sometimes I just pull out some beans (kidney, garbonzo, pinto, black beans…). So far that’s as creative as I’ve gotten.

  244. That is a great lunchbox! My little one isn’t in school yet so I’m not packing lunches for anyone other than my husband. With a box like that it would be fun to go Mediterranean and pack some pita bread, hummus, olives, cucumber, carrot sticks, and grapes.
    .-= Lisanne´s last blog ..look at her fly- =-.

  245. our school’s do not allow us to pack peanut butter or anything that may have been in contact with nuts.

    Gone are the days of easy pb&j sandwiches.

    When packing lunches I generally will do tuna salad on panini, small salads that may include coleslaw or greek pasta salad. We have also done chili and soups. Pitas with hummus or baba ghanouj spreads, crackers as well.

    Fresh fruit is always included ie, apples, oranges etc. Of course you have to include some indulgence and that could be cookies.

  246. wow! what a great lunch box.

    we pack fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt, tuna, pretzels, pasta, cheese, burritos….

  247. He doesn’t go to school, but when we’re out and about we pack up cold vegan pizza, hummus wrapped in a tortilla, chocolate-covered strawberries, snap peas (they do SO well keeping their crispness!). Good stuff. now i’m hungry!

  248. My daughter’s favourites include: frozen mango chunks, apple slices with cinnamon and cucumber and hummous. A special treat is cheese and crackers.

    These containers are beautiful and would inspire delicious snacks.

  249. This is a great lunch box option. My son will be starting kindergarten in the fall, so I don’t have much experience packing lunches yet. But, he loves Lunchables, so I’m thinking I’ll make my own homemade, healthier version with deli meat, cheese, and crackers.

  250. My little guys favorite is a cheese sandwich on homemade honey wheat bread, a homemade mini blueberry muffin, and an apple. 🙂

  251. The kids like the ‘ole standard of cheese, veggies, pita and hummus for lunch, especially in summer when the heat tempers appetites!

  252. carrots, hard boiled eggs, cheese, strawberries, berries of any sort really, apple “dippers” (slices), home canned fruit, dehydrated fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, pretzels, etc.

  253. Love reading all the lunch ideas! It’s summer time now so hard to think of packed luch ideas. We pack a snack & lunch for school so we try to have lots of protein options like chuncks of tofu, yogurt, cheese then fruits & veggies. Sometimes pasta, soup, or sandwich. Would love the opportunity to have this stainless steel lunch box! Great idea glad to see it. Thank you

  254. My daughter is too little yet for packed lunches, but thank you for all the great ideas for when she does start school 🙂

  255. This is our first child who is starting her kindergarten in th fall. She is in need of her 1st lunch box! Lunch time favorites are hummus, berries, carrots & crackers!

  256. My daughter, 2 1/2 years, loves avocado, oranges, any kind of berries, carrots, chicken salad, and anything you can dip. She is really adventurous with food. I’m really thankful for that. I was a very timid and picky eater as a child myself. She’s quite the opposite. Love this lunch box. Fingers are crossed!

  257. Love, love, love our lunch box! We do noodles, veggies with hummus dip. Apple pieces, cherry tomatoes from our own pesticide free commercial greenhouse.

  258. This is awesome! I love it! Try cheese and meat roll ups with toothpicks in them. My kids love them much better than sandwhiches. Or mini bagel pizzas.

  259. hi there. awesome lunch box. we pack leftovers often — beans and rice, pasta w/ tomato sauce and/or olive oil, polenta, veggies, fruit. always looking for new ideas — so thanks everyone.

  260. Ohhh, how awesome. My kiddo loves to dip – anything into everything. So fruit into yogurt/almond butter, veggies into hummus, cheese sandwiches into tomato soup.

  261. He’s still a baby, but when he’s off to grandma’s for the day, he usually totes along bits of fresh fruits and veggies and organic graham crackers. Mmm.

  262. I have been obsessed with the planetbox since I learned of it two days ago, I would love to get one for my two children. We are a vegetarian family and most of our lunches consist of fruit, granola bar, juice, sandwich, wheat thins. I try to mix it up with a salad or taboli, I would love to have a container to have yogart and grapenuts. It would be a granted wish to receive one of these lunch systems.

  263. As a veetarian family, we need to be creative with our meals and it would be a granted with to receive one of these lunch systems.

  264. I was actually looking for eco-friendly safe lunch box ideas when I came across your page. My son is getting ready to start kindergarten, and I will of course start packing his lunches because I cannot fathom the quality of food or types of preservatives, etc. that are utilized in school lunches. It seems like the Planet Box is the most expensive of all the lunch box choices out there, but I love the entire concept!!

    Most likely my son will request sandwiches for his lunch, but he is also a pasta lover, so I figure I will be looking for some whole wheat pasta recipes! 🙂

  265. I would love to win one of these … I’ve been wanting one for quite some time.

    My kids love mini sandwiches, cut with one of those sandwich cutters. (that seals the edges) I cut up fruit in fun shapes and also veggies.

  266. I would love to win one of these for my son who is entering kindergarten in the fall. I think it would be a great time saver, easy to clean and great for the planet.

  267. sorry I posted above but forgot to put what I put in the lunch. I usually put cut up apples with sun butter for dipping, pretzels,yogurt drink,some chicken nuggets or mac and cheese and some organic horizon chocolate milk.

  268. OMG! I need this lunch box! Perfect for the anal and health-conscious mommy with a 5 yr-old obsessed with rockets. What to put in to change it up a little? My kids love onigiri. It is super easy to make, totally healthy, and aesthetically appealing.

  269. I want one of these so bad! I have been researching options all day and this is by far my favorite! I think my new kindergartener would love it! I am a former kindergarten teacher and was usually appalled at what most families packed for lunch. Chips, sodas, cookies, candy, and a smooshed sandwich that got thrown away. One of my children always had the yummiest lunches everyday. Fresh fruit with yogurt dip, veggies with hummus, tortilla wraps, organic milk, cheese cubes. She was always happy and all the children with the chips were begging to trade her for her strawberries.
    .-= Danielle Scribner´s last blog ..The Plan according to Andrew =-.

  270. WOW! What a great way to kick off the new school year—any kid would be lucky to enjoy dining at their favorite cafeteria sporting this little baby! After begging to try all the delicious goodies that the lucky kid’s AWESOME mom packed for him or her—the other kids will “ooh” and “aah” over the magnets and fine craftsmanship of the case (well, maybe that is what the teachers will be talking about in the “lounge” for weeks to come)! (“And to think…she WON that!!”) It makes saying goodby to summer and starting the school year ALMOST fun:). It makes packing a delicious, healthy lunch, a JOY!! My head is reeling with possibilities… You can pack exotic: sushi, edamame, rice crackers and miso–for the Cowboy/girl: chili, corn bread, carrot sticks and a cow pie (uh, brownie). Italliano: spaghetti, garlic bread, raspberries and a little grape juice (red,of course). Or just the usual fare: Little sandwiches, cheese, fruit, veggies, a tiny sweet, all tucked neatly in their own shiny beds ready to dazzle the pallet and delight the eater! Thanks for giving my obsessive nature something new to chew on! Happy 2010-2011, everyone!

  271. I hope I didn’t miss the cutoff…I’m sending my oldest off to kindergarden next month and i’m stoked to pack lunches…in an environmentally sound way.

  272. I have spent most of my afternoon searching for & comparing eco-friendly lunchboxes. The one I am most impressed with (largely because it’s made of stainless steel, rather than plastic) is the Planet Box. I have 3 children, which may make Planet Box cost-prohibitive (given that I’m looking at spending about $200 on 3 Planet Box sets). I would LOVE to win 1 set, which might make the 2 other sets somewhat affordable.

    For lunch, my daughter loves to take hot soup or pasta. My twin boys prefer to take salads. Lots of fresh fruit, veggies with dip, hummus / cheese with crackers or pita, fruit and fruit juice or milk round out their meals.

    This is the first year that my children will stay for lunch every day, so the thought of making lunches for 3, 5 days a week seems a bit daunting! I loved reading everybody’s lunch ideas. I think I’ll bookmark this page for those days when I need inspiration!! 🙂

  273. As being a Newbie, I am typically searching on line for posts that will guidebook me. Thanks to your time

  274. I have been coveting the planetbox for some time now and trying to find it in my budget to purchase it!

    My daughter loves apples and peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, california rolls, veggies with yogurt dip (basically ranch like with no bad stuff), nuts and seeds, and little rolls of meat and cheese.

    I often get into a grind of making a peanut butter and honey sandwich every day…which she will eat…but its more fun to pack variety:)


  275. My daughter is a super, picky eater and I am so excited to try this box to see if she will eat better without her foods mixing and healthier since the trays remind us to include our fruits and veggies and love the extra small box in the middle for a super tiny sweet treat : ).

  276. I love this going green lunch box. I am a holistic mommy of a soon to be kindergartener and a teacher that helps monitor the lunch room at school. Both my husband and I pack lunches and so will both of my kids. I can’t for the life of me eat what the school provides or what some parents feed their kiddos. Honestly the biggest worry I have about school is what to do when he wants to buy a school lunch. Gasp! It may be the holisitic part of me thinking. For lunch our family enjoys fruit of all kinds, veggies, salads, granola and yogurt, quinoa, leftovers from dinner and the list goes on.

  277. My son is starting preschool and this is one of the few lunchboxes I found which is eco-friendly yet easy for his little hands to open. Plus the fact that it is one piece and has cool stickers makes it all the better. Favorite lunches to pack include hummus, frozen yogurt sticks (melted but still cold by lunch), cheesesticks, Annie’s cheddar bunnies, ramen, salad with garbanzo beans and strawberries, rice and blackbeans. (He’s already decided he wants the red cover with the under the sea stickers so this giveaway if perfect 🙂

  278. we love hummus and pitas, grape tomatoes, apples w/peanut butter. yogurt parfaits, hardboiled eggs, mini bagel sandwiches.

  279. Whole wheat mini pitas with cream cheese, hard boiled eggs, grapes or carrot sticks, yogurt with jam mixed in, even a jar of chamomile tea on Monday!
    .-= ~Heather´s last blog ..Beach Jewelry =-.

  280. I have searched the depths of the internet lately looking for an eco-friendly waste-free option for my soon to be kindergartner…and everywhere I turn someone is raving about the planetbox. The only drawback I’ve found at all has been the price which is completely understandable, but I keep trying to justify it by recalculating the money I will save in the long run. I was a picky eater growing up and turned into a foodie by trying the same foods made many different ways. I have made it a mission to help my children have a healthy appreciation for many different kinds of foods and learn a balance of what to eat at a very early age. I pack a lot of leftovers and anything that can be dipped (yogurt, hummus, babaganoush, fruit spread) is usually a hit! We also put foods like black beans or spinach into cooked ahead quesadillas on whole wheat tortillas for lunch. One of my daughters favorites is making mini-spanakopitas. We also make our own granola and throw that in for a high fiber treat. Keeping my kids involved in the process of learning about food, making choices of what they like to eat, and helping prepare it has been so, so helpful for us. I can’t wait to have my 5-yr-old help make her own lunch by having a space and portion size for each food group. Thanks!

  281. OOH! How exciting! Best lunch box ever and the boys want one so badly! They love the idea of opening it up and having everything in front of them. My older son was always frustrated opening all the little containers I packed!

    They love tacos rolled up, or meat and cream cheese rolled in a tortilla and sliced into pinwheels. Shushi rolls are a huge hit as well that most parents don’t think to pack. Edamame is a fun side dish for lunch! On “Fun Friday” we pack Gluten free macncheese with peas and Nitrite free all natural turkey or tofu dogs. Oh if you have a little extra time pieces of cheddar cheese in black olives are a huge hit as well!

    Thank you for this contest! Hope I didn’t miss it!

  282. My son loves grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch (doesn’t mind eating them cold!). We also pack fruit, veggies, baby bell cheese, and/or drinkable yogurt. 🙂

  283. Most stellar lunchbox. Have been drooling for months. Now my daughter is old enough to use one! Just can’t afford it quite yet. We love to pack the standard veggies and fruits, especailly loves soybeans. I have started to do some Bento-style lunches with different “themes” to them. Use cookie cutters for breads and cheeses frequently. Use olive picks to “spear” other types of fruits/veggies into little kabobs. She will eat almost anything if it seems sort of ‘Fun” right now. Loves whole wheat tortilla/turkey/veggie/cheese rolls and we call them, cut them up and call them “sandwich sushi”. She also loves sushi, if I have any rice made up already, I will make some “quick” sushi rolls with avacado/cream cheese, edamame, shredded carrot, tofu or whatever protein might be availabe.

  284. Dying for this lunch box, especially now that my daughter is entering her last year of preschool before big girl kindergarten. Price points are a little high for us, but love the concept. We eat very healthy. Most gluten free. Lots of fresh veggies (carrots, celery, tooatoes and cucmbers are her favorites. Oh and pea pods. Organic fruits such as strawberries and blueberries. Sandwiches made on rice bread with hormone free meats. Her fav turkey.She likes veggie chips. I think these boxes are great, even for hummus and spreads. Oh how we would love one!

  285. I love packing string cheese, crackers and a varied dip.

    Fruit is always a favorite!


    Cold pasta and veggies.

    Bagels and cream cheese

    However… PBJ STILL rules in this house!!!
    .-= … and baby makes five!´s last blog .. and drumroll- please =-.

  286. my son loves quesadillas (i usually mix in greens like pureed kale, sometimes sweet potato and cheese), greek yogurt with honey (he often asks me for yogurt without honey…), chips (multiseed soy crackers from trader joes, or good enough to eat cheddar chips made with flax seed), avocado, watermelon, cantaloupe, mac and cheese (again i usually mix in a green here, usually spinach here), turkey sandwiches (i mix mayo and mustard and that dang spinach again– my son refuses to eat greens so i have to hide it), plain pasta (i now use spelt pasta which has more protein) with a sprinkle of cheese, an everything bagel with cream cheese (dare i say with spinach mixed in) apples with peanut butter or almond butter, veggie booty (he loves veggie booty), barbara’s oatmeal cookies, turkey dog sliced up (i remove the casing bec he has a hard time chewing it), turkey meatballs…it’s hard to get him to eat any veggies so i make yogurt with greens hidden in them and easily masked by peanut butter and bananas … would appreciate any other suggestions to get veggies in him…we have been using bpa free containers and putting them into a backpack but now i am finally in need of a lunchbox that he can handle himself and this one looks possible. i like that it has one lid to cover everything and a place for a cold pack…and the magnets are cool!

  287. My kids love a spoon of plain peanut butter (since we try our best to rotate grains in and out of our diet we don’t always have bread)…Crackers/ cheese/ veggie sticks/ fruit/ nuts a little bit o everything makes for a fun lunch!

  288. OMG I just found the planet box today and am obsessed… I have been reading up on it and reviews and oh how I wish two of these were in the budget right now. I have two extremely picky eaters and so packing lunches has always been so hard for both of them. My son who is 11 usually takes just a sandwich… but I know if it was all together layed out like in the planet box he would gobble up whatever was in there. My daughter attends a full day preschool center and I pack her lunches everyday… the other day they asked if I could just send her something easy to eat because it was too much work to help her with all the containers i send… ARGH…

    we love fresh fruit, sandwhiches cut into shapes with cookie cutters, cold pasta, pizza bagels, wraps and crackers and cheese.

  289. A student in my class has inspired me to purchase a couple of these wonderful lunch containers for my reading program. His lunch is so appealing, I could eat it myself.

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